Hawkeye (Bishop)
Portrayed by ??
Full Name Katherine (Kate) Elizabeth Bishop
Age 18
Height 5'5"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian
Factions Avengers


Kate Bishop is the younger, hotter, smarter Hawkeye.


In the world of superheroics, Kate Bishop reflects much of her upbringing as a privleged daughter of an extremely affluent Manhattanite family - she is a go-getter and a ladder-climber. Only a teenager, she is already making a name for herself by being one of the youngest members of the Avengers.


Katherine "Kate" Bishop is the youngest daughter of Derek Bishop, an international publishing magnate, and a Manhattan socialite. Despite being an emotionally distant parent, she admired here father and did everything she could to gain his attention and approval during her summer breaks from boarding school. Her mother Eleanor was estranged from her father and was often gone on vacations until she died in an accident in Colorado when she was young. Her only other family is her older sister, Susan, with whom she has a tenuous relationship.

The regard she held for her father quickly diminished when she accidentally witnessed his hand in a few nefarious activities and decided to conduct her own investigation. This spurred her on to follow him to a meeting with a supervillain who later found her and held her hostage. Already an independent-minded young woman then, she attempted an escape and would have been captured were it not for the timely intervention of Tony Stark and the Avengers. Her recruitment came shortly after striking a rapport with a few of its members.

Character Details

Kate is driven, ambitious, independent and brutally straightforward. She is always the first to express her opinion and she is not the sort to get along well with others. But she is ridiculously talented and the kind to doggedly pursue her objectives.


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