Hawkeye (Barton)
Portrayed by Jeremy Renner
Full Name Clinton "Clint" Francis Barton
Age 34
Height 5'8"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Light Brown
Skin Caucasian
Factions S.H.I.E.L.D.

Claim to Fame

An expert marksman and a competent SHIELD agent. Sometimes doesn't know when to shut up.


That spy with a bow and arrow for some reason.


Clinton Francis Barton doesn't talk much about his childhood. Once, when he was drunk at a party, he said something about being taught how to trick shoot because he ran away and joined the circus. What does seem like less of a yarn is that he was born in Waverly, Iowa, and at some point trained to be a master archer. A more likely story given his long career in SHIELD was that he was recruited and trained in the unconventional, yet silent weapon. Funny that the circus thing is what comes up when his guard is down, though.

Most of Barton's active duty time in SHIELD (under the codename Hawkeye) is very deeply redacted with the deepest of black ink. Yadda yadda Budapest, yadda yadda kill order. There's a whole lot of skeletons in his closet, hanging right next to his truly heroic moments.

One mission a few years ago damaged his hearing and left him partially deaf. SHIELD taught him how to lip read. Between that and a sophisticated hearing aid, his disability doesn't slow him down much.
About a year ago, Clint found himself blowing a chunk of his life savings on a not-so-great (but still very expensive, because Manhattan) 10 unit apartment building. He bought the rent-controlled Harlem building to stop the residents from being illegally evicted by criminals. Yeah yeah, quite heroic. But now he's a landlord. And he has absolutely no idea how to fix anything. He used a plunger as an improvised weapon once, but that doesn't exactly translate to unclogging a toilet.

Character Details

Clint is a man who is aware that he is generally out of his depth and does his best to just roll with it. He does sell himself a bit short sometimes, but it's hard to feel like a badass when you're surrounded by earth's mightiest heroes.

He's resourceful, cunning and quick. He has an incisive, strategic mind and can be pragmatic to a fault. Nine times out of ten, he won't even hesitate if given a kill order. Even when he hesitates, he almost always follows through. On the rare occasion when his hand has been stayed, it's usually because he recognizes something in one of his targets. It might be innocence, it might be kinship - it might be potential. His superiors have let these small lapses pass because they are infrequent, and he's usually been right about those he's spared.

Those lapses are a glimpse at Clint's carefully guarded soft underbelly. He has a weakness for the underdogs, the scrappy ones, the smartasses. He prides himself on being self-sufficient. He's slow to trust, but quick to protect those he does trust, even if it means risking his life or the mission.



As of the soft reset in January 2017, previous RP will be clean-slated from Hawkeye's in-game past for the ease of getting into the character and not being saddled with a lot of history that could effect any future RP or make for awkward encounters.


This is partially the MCU version of Hawkeye, partially the Hawkeye from the Fraction/Aja run.

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January 08, 2018: The Modern Prometheus

Clint brings his bow in to be repaired by its original builder. For some reason, Mary Shelley comes up.

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