Portrayed by Lucas Till
Full Name Alexander Summers
Age 25
Height 6'0"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Skin Caucasian
Factions X-Men, X-Factor



When politicians start ranting anti-mutant rhetoric, they like to talk about 'One man being a bomb capable of destroying <insert city to frighten here>', it turns out Alex is that man. At least, he was involved in the event which made such a thing an anti-mutant talking point. His given name isn't well-known, however, the name Havok will still bring a shudder to the spine of the common man.%r%rIn private circles (the Xavier school and X-Men), Alex was once known as the hot-head, the black sheep, the cool and younger Summers brother, and many other expletives that should go unmentioned. However, back in April of 2018 he disappeared and was presumed dead (he pulled a Jean). They looked for him, but you know how comics and MU*s work. And then came the return.

Upon his return, Alex demonstrated a significant change in personality, demeanor, outlook, and disposition. Alex had experienced something well beyond his years and when asked, he relays that he had been somewhere else. Another reality. Where he lived a different life and had different experiences with oddly different, yet similar people to the ones he's always known and loved.


Alex Summers is the youngest son of Christopher Summers of the USAF. At an early age, his family's plane was attacked by an alien ship, though he only recalls it as a plane crash. He and his brother were saved by their mother, but both parents are presumed deceased.

While his older brother was still in a coma, Alex was adopted. His adoptive parents relocated to Hawaii, and it was almost twenty years until the brothers reconnected. Never feeling good enough, frequently reminded how he was inferior to the natural-born child he was 'replacing', Alex became a bit of an overachiever. Through High School and college, he was an ideal student-athlete despite never feeling quite 'good enough'.

While returning for a reunion with his older brother, Alex was abducted by The Sisterhood in a plot to use him as a bomb to destroy much of the Tri-Cities area. While he was rescued and soon reunited with his sibling, this event made him deeply fearful of the destructive capacity of his mutation and instead of staying with Scott to train he returned to school to avoid the 'mutant thing' entirely.

Soon after completing his master's degree in Geophysics, Alex begun working with a professor toward his PhD. While the teacher was sympathetic, as well as instrumental in aiding Alex in constructing his containment harness, he was unable or unwilling to support Alex amid growing anti-mutant sentiment following a rather destructive accident testing his bracers.

Alex returned to New York, hoping to reconnect with his brother. There, he would rejoin the X-Men and continue their many harrowing adventures. Between those adventures, he continued working on his degree as well as taking time off from the team to spend it in attempts to live a 'normal' life. The X-Men were always his /brother's team/ and it was his brother who was the eternal shadow that was cast upon Alex's potential legacy. Or that's how Alex saw it. So he would go off on many occasions to find himself and return anew.

Upon one return, he joined the team on a super dangerous mission and the conflict was great. During the conflict, Alex was lost and thought dead. Instead of actually dying, Havok was cast into a parallel world where he was the leader of a drastically altered version of X-<team>, known as The Six. In this world, he was the leader of the original X-Men; Cyclops was abducted by the Shi'ar along with his parents. Also in this reality, he was married to Madelyne Pryor, with whom he had a son named Scotty, and all his friends were twisted versions of the ones he knew. Despite being unfamiliar with this realm, Havok willingly took over the role of father for Scotty, though the boy knew he was not really his dad. Havok lead the Six and his adventures in this reality lead to a disastrous adventure which left most superhumans on that world dead. In this, Havok learned that he was the nexus of all realities, thus Havok was able to save the world itself before being cast into black nothingness.

This is where we pick up continuity in the game and where Alex will return to the school looking for old friends, family, and familiarity.

Character Details

Having been around the block many, many times, Alex Summers has come a long way in his personality development. Sure, he still has some of his foundational qualities such as the need to prove something, some self-doubt, the feeling of being an outsider, and even being quite rebellious. However, he's 'grown up' a lot since his misadventures in the Mutant X reality. Those adventures helped him become the man he is today. However, they added several scars and triggers through the traumatic experiences he faced. He now suffers PTSD, nightmares, misplaced anger, situational confusion, and inappropriate reactions to certain stimuli. Alex has been through a lot and it shows now, more than ever. Yet, his /new personality/ presents with common themes of loyalty to his family and friends, a been there, done that attitude, the need to prove something (since he's no longer team leader), and the feeling of being an outsider since he's been away for so long.


Image Name Relation Information
RE1.gif Polaris Teammate, Former Lover Lorna is the eternal rock of his life.
Cyke.jpg Cyclops Brother Once his older brother, now younger. Scott was the shadow that was cast over Havok's life. Now, that shadow is no more and Havok is his own man.

RP Logs & Journals

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