Portrayed by ValentinaKryp
Full Name Cassandra Hack
Age 18 (25)
Height 5'5"
Build Horror victim
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Skin White
Factions [Forthcoming]



Scariest, baddest ass chick in the whole damn world.


Cassandra Hack was born in Wisconsin. Yep, totally boring. Her dad was some crazy doctor of bio-engineering, and her mom, Delilah, was an experiment, and soon to be slasher. Her dad left pretty early on because of her mom being, well, crazy. Then her mom killed a bunch of kids for making fun of the young, nerdy, and unattractive Cassandra, and fed them to other kids like all good mothers do. Cassie was going to get her arrested but Delilah committed suicide. This starts her horrible tale. And it is a horrible tale, other than a few bright moments.

Like when she met Vlad, and almost killed him. Or how she met Georgia, and almost got her killed, and later did get her mom killed. Oh, and how Vlad did die, but he came back, years later after tons of loneliness. And how Hack Slash Inc got started by survivors, people that Cassie saved from the fate of torturous death by Slashers, and how that stopped because all the main members got killed by Slashers.

There's a few truly bright moments though. Like when Cassandra finally lost her virginity to someone she knew couldn't die, cause, he was a slasher but he was good now. And then later turned out to be the head of the Black Lamp Society, you know, the people who want Slashers to be around and is trying to rule the world. So, she killed him. Or how she was captured by some cannibals and hung on a meat hook but, hey, she didn't get eaten did she? No. That's good. Or how Doctor Gross only got 2 of her toes when he was torturing her for a day, and well that's way better than being skinned alive like he originally wanted to do.

There's also the times where she's actually saved the world. You probably haven't heard of these because quite frankly, she's the least known super hero out there. Tentacle aliens, Undead murderers, other aliens, some multi-dimensional vampires, and more! Though if you look in the police's records you'll see her picture pop up a few times, she's famous, under Wanted: Serial Killer at Large. Yeah, that's happened more than once, and how she's often the one blamed for the mass violence until those very same Law Enforcement agents are killed by some crazy spooky weirdness, or slashers. In your face coppers.

If Cassandra had the time, she'd cry a lot more, and she already cries plenty but only in the back of a dirty, broken down van and/or trailer that she calls home, and only when she's got Vlad nearby. Otherwise she's the cliché heroine. Dresses provocatively, because that attracts monsters and slashers for her to kill, speaks the truth in as many four letter words as possible, since she's creative, and otherwise runs from one horrific event to another killing bad guys and getting covered in gore. Typical superhero.

Along the way she's found out she's got slasher DNA, but whew it's dormant and she doesn't need to worry about it unless she's injected with some of the blood of a slasher or dies filled with rage. And then there was the time she was injected with Samhain's blood, you know, that attractive good-guy slasher she had a thing with. Wait, FML. Don't worry though, she was injected with a 'cure' that makes it so she's not completely filled with rage, but has some of the powers of slashers, and now it's pretty darn certain if she dies at all she's coming back to murder everyone. Well, crisis averted, thanks Cat.

Overall, Cassie does the same thing from day to day. Drive to a new place with some unexplainable murders, find out if it's just some guy with a knife, or if it's an actual slasher or monster, beat it's brains in. Move on. Until she runs out of gas or microwave burritos - the breakfast of heroes everywhere.

Character Details

Anti-social personality disorder. Okay okay. She's the not violent psychopath type who just is narcissistic and - uh, no. Start again. She's a psychopath. She was born a psychopath and she is really one. Truly. Her mind is screwed up from being born with the DNA that's programmed to kill teenagers making out in a car and wanting nothing more than to have their first time in the back of a VW Bug. And deep down, she wants to murder them, and you, and herself. And yet, she doesn't. She's genuine. A hero, who speaks her mind, who lives the life of the forgotten, who doesn't seek glory or fame (though that wouldn't be half bad *blush*) and she chooses the right thing over money, power, influence every fucking time. Yeah, that's right. She's an actual god damn fucker mother of a hero, twice as good as Captain America in his patriotic bullshit clothes, and fancy motorcycles. You want the truth? She'll give you it, in all the bloody details. You somehow think killing murderers is bad? Don't like the death penalty? She'll give you a piece of her mind, probably at a higher-than-comfortable-volume. You think she is pretty? She'll get choked up, sputter, and likely walk away quiet and then think about it for the next few days obsessively. What I'm trying to say here is, Cassie Hack is like an onion - stinky, deserves to be put in the ground, will make you cry, but at the end of the day you need her to make everything better - especially if she's fried.


RP Logs & Journals

April 20, 2019: Slashers

Katsumi finds the girl she'd formerly described as a psycho. Now, with everything that's happened, she decides to give her another chance. (WARNING: Dirty, dirty, dirty language.)

(permalink: log:8458 | tags: bakeneko hack nyc | posted: 21 Apr 2019 18:17)

January 27, 2019: The Toaster Man Part Deux

Billy saves Cassie before she beats a Slasher to death and cooks him on subway tracks.

(permalink: log:8379 | tags: hack jigsaw nyc | posted: 02 Feb 2019 05:21)

January 19, 2019: Not Your Parents' Oldsmobile

Demonically possessed car has a grill to settle with Dario. Cassie and Caitlin interrupt it's revved up hate with some car smashing of their own. Seriously, though, that was mostly Caitlin, with a lot of swearing by Cassie.

(permalink: log:8361 | tags: fairchild hack language nyc vehicular_violence | posted: 20 Jan 2019 20:25)

January 12, 2019: Dog Show of Terror

A Dog Show that goes terribly wrong.

(permalink: log:8339 | tags: dog_deaths hack language nyc violence weaver | posted: 12 Jan 2019 21:18)

January 08, 2019: Dinner and a Zombie Bash

At a smallish hotel a person stumbles into the place late at night. Getting into the elevator full of people, suddenly there's a lot of zombies and then a lot of violence killing them a second time.

(permalink: log:8335 | tags: hack language nyc violence volt waffle_house | posted: 09 Jan 2019 06:49)

January 08, 2019: Stones of the Ice Age

Ne runs into a bit of trouble outside of Mutant Town. Cassie and Lena are there for the "rescue".

(permalink: log:8334 | tags: captain_cold_l hack neon nyc | posted: 08 Jan 2019 08:42)

January 07, 2019: The Demon Comes

Cassandra Hack has tracked down some rumors about a person who heals and fights like a Slasher, and she plans a pre-emptive strike. Tracking him down to a particular Russian bar, she sets her trap, like she always does.

(permalink: log:8332 | tags: hack nyc wolverine | posted: 07 Jan 2019 20:08)

January 06, 2019: Toaster Man

Cassie Hack and Misfit battle the Slasher know as Toaster Man

(permalink: log:8331 | tags: hack misfit nyc | posted: 07 Jan 2019 05:09)

January 05, 2019: Breaking down in Gotham

Cassie breaks down in a bad neighborhood, then defends Barbara from some bad guys… or did she?

(permalink: log:8329 | tags: barbara_gordon gotham hack language violence | posted: 06 Jan 2019 19:31)

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