Portrayed by Leo Mangieri
Full Name Grymalkin
Age 18 (3200)
Height 5'5"
Build Slight
Eyes Blue/Gold
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian
Factions [Forthcoming]


As told by Shahrazad in One Thousand and One Nights, A Jinn can build for you a great fortune but usually at some hidden cost. It will always make life interesting.


Grymalkin is the modern nom de guerre of a powerful Jinn King enslaved by King Solomon nearly three thousand years ago. Though many have heard the stories of his kind, few believe them true.


"Imagine if you will you had a Kingdom. Food, slaves, riches and godlike power to rule over it? It was pretty bangin'! And then comes this sorcerer king who takes that all away and forces you to serve mankind notably against your will. Bitter? Resentful? Angry? Oh yeah, those were phases. Eventually the slaver of demons and jinn died but his enslavement did not end. The greatest of us were bound to objects, usually things like lamps or bottles and, with hilarious frequency, lost."

"Anyone with possession of the object and activates the seal can force us to do anything they want. Some of us are powerful enough to do a whole lot. Build palaces? You bet. Get the girl? Yup. Ruin some rival? Hell yeah. I've done all those things and a whole lot more for people that happen upon my little cat statue."

"Over time I've found it's more fun to be sporting so let me give you this piece of free advice. You had better be very careful about what you wish for, because Heaven Help You I will make sure you get it."

For thousands of years individuals across the old world have happened upon Grymalkin's black marble statuette and accidentally or purposefully summoned him forth. Sometimes individuals prosper for a few years but the vast majority of the time Grymalkin takes joy in twisting wishes against them. As such, the statue becomes lost for centuries at a time until another culture digs him up and summons him again. The cycle has repeated many times but one thing's for certain - other than King Solomon nobody has ever died wealthy with Grymalkin as a servant.

Character Details

Caustic. A supernatural being of great power and pride reduced to a servant for powerless beings. For the most part he's resigned to his fate and the fires of his rage died out long ago. Instead he's come to see his situation as a game. While often bitingly acerbic and unsympathetic he knows how to string someone along, giving them what they want until they want something that will put them in a hilarious jam.

Upon rare occasion he takes a genuine liking to his new master. Typically this is someone patient, sympathetic - and most importantly willing to relinquish his statuette after only a few reasonable desires. In such instances he can be genuinely altruistic.


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