Portrayed by TBA
Full Name Cole Cash
Age 50 (late 20s)
Height 6' 3"
Build Tall and Fit
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Skin Caucasian
Factions Team 7


Grifter is a little known wandering hero and adventurer that has rarely been seen in the US


Grifter is a mercenary/adventurer of some reputation. He is cheap to hire but often picky about what he does


Cole's father died when he was very young, and his mother remarried, but also died when he was a young teen, leaving Cole and his brother to be raised by their stepfather. A man Cole hated.

So he ran away and joined a gang. He became a petty thief and then a swindler. He spent some time in the juve and he seemed to be doomed to a life of crime. He was saved by a sympathetic judge that gave him a choice: go to jail or join the army. He enlisted.

The life in the army agreed with him. Despite some discipline problems, Cole was a remarkable soldier. Cool under fire, quick-witted, and such an incredible marksman he was quickly nicknamed 'Deadeye'. His skills drew the attention of John Lynch of Stormwatch, and he was promoted and recruited into Team 7.

For a few years Cole was part of one of the most elite black ops teams in the world. He was pretty happy, until the team disintegrated due to treachery and infighting. Cole learned he had been experimented upon and he was able to heal somewhat faster than normal. He was furious, but nevertheless kept working for the government for a while. They used him as an assassin, though, which he hated. So he quit.

Certain elements in Stormwatch didn't take well his resignation. Cole knew too much and so they sent people to eliminate him. They failed, and he fled to Mexico.

He lived on the run for a while, and started hearing voices in his head he could only suppress taking drugs. He was half-mad and a heroin addict when he met an immortal coda warrior fighting against overwhelming odds. He jumped into a fight to help her, and maybe saved her life. She took him under her wing out of gratitude and he fell in love hopelessly.

For many years afterwards they were inseparable. A deadly duo of dark heroes that brought doom and destruction upon the enemies of humankind all over the world. She taught Cole how to control his psychic powers, and after he had proven his courage and devotion countless times, she taught him the secret, alien martial arts of the Coda Sisterhood. The first male honored with such knowledge in centuries.

But eventually she left him, feeling he had learned all she had to teach and following an old flame of hers. Cole took it pretty badly, falling into depression for a while. But Stormwatch's assassins were still after him, so he had little time to feel miserable. For the next years he avoided them, or killed them when there was no option. He lived as a mercenary in Asia and Africa, occasionally as a swindler, recalling the street skills he learned in his early teens.

The persecution ended when Stormwatch disbanded and the DEO was formed. Old friends told him it was safe to return to America, no one really wanted him dead anymore, what vital secrets he knew had become old, stale news. He was distrustful at first, but after testing the waters and not seeing assassins after him anymore, he returned and settled in Gotham.

Character Details

Cole presents himself to outsiders under two guises: the friendly fool or the cynical merc. Neither of them is his true self. He is much older than he looks and he has been through much, so his real self is well concealed and hidden behind masks and emotional barriers. He is an excellent liar.

Deep down there is honor, a thirst for justice and the desire to make the world a better place. But making him admit he has some ideals usually requires to get him very drunk.

Nevertheless, his acts speak louder than his words.


RP Logs & Journals

June 19, 2019: Underground Underworld

Grifter gets unexpectedly recruited to clean up a vampire nest.

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March 26, 2019: Cold in the Iceberg

Lena goes to low places looking for Red Hood. Cole gives her some information and she decides to seek a person she shouldn't talk to. Typical.

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February 06, 2019: By Yacht, to the Castle

A bunch of mercenaries and killers get invited to a party, and to a murder.

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January 26, 2019: Hunting for Spider-Man

The Enforcers are after Spider-Man. Some heroes help keep that from happening.

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January 25, 2019: Speaking Without Talking

Grifter tracks down Lena while she's out and about with Neon. Dinner is ruined.

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January 19, 2019: Possession is Two Thirds of... Something

A pair of enterprising Daemonites set a trap for Grifter. Unfortunately (for them) they also catch the Enchantress.

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January 04, 2019: Ice and Bullets

Captain Cold, Grifter and the goddess Amaterasu all want something Black Mask keeps in his vault. Trouble follows. (Scene backdated to just before Christmas 2018)

(permalink: log:8324 | tags: amaterasu captain_cold_l gotham grifter | posted: 05 Jan 2019 03:39)

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