Green Lantern (Rayner)
Green Lantern
Portrayed by Ben Barnes
Full Name Kyle Rayner
Age 24
Height 5'11"
Build Crossfit Athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian
Factions Green Lantern Corps


Graphic Designer/Current Green Lantern Corps Poster Boy


Trusts the Guardians and is one of their current favorite Teacher's Pets, though has had two close friends die under his watch. Some more gruff Lanterns wonder how he will handle the guilt.


- Born the only child of Aaron and Maura Rayner in Los Angeles, California. When he was young, his mother and father divorced and his father abandoned him, prompting his mother to move to Gotham City and live with her sister.

- Began drawing at an early age, sketching four-panel comic books for corner store money. Was always the quiet kid sitting in the commons of his school. Was enrolled in a work-study program at a more expensive, private prep school. His first few years was considered a 'dork' who pushed mops and brooms after hours, but by graduation was well-liked due to his comics in the school newspaper.

- Two years into college for Graphic Design, a ring flew into his apartment and presented itself to him as being chosen to wield the light of the Green Lanterns. Kyle accepted and disappeared for months and was considered dead. One message was sent out, to his mother, that he was traveling for work. The missing person's case was called off.

- Kyle trained on Oa among the best on Oa, passing his trials and trainee period with high marks, and was assigned to an unfamiliar sector of space.

- During his assignment, he returned from leave to find that his ex-girlfriend, who helped him adapt to his new life as a hero by visiting on prior leaves, was murdered by Major Force. Heartbroken, Kyle returned to his duties, always keeping an eye out for the villain, though was unable to find him.

- Once again, Major Force struck in Gotham, killing Kyle's mother. Despite the personal connection and ties, the Guardians agreed to assign an additional Lantern to Sector 2814 due to its growing number of powered villains amassing in the area.

Character Details

A creative, thoughtful dreamer, at heart. Kyle Rayner is the kid who always wanted to grow and become a hero. In fact, he may have had a notebook page filled out once or twice of all of the different meta-powers he'd want, what he'd look like, what his super-name would be, only he'd never expected it to happen. Now he's been tasked with being a hero, but in reality, he's an officer of the law. He's learned that the 'life' is far more serious and far more dangerous than he'd ever imagined. When dreams become reality, what does one dream of next?


Image Name Relation Information
Starfire Welcomed Chaos We've both lost something. I like to think that we both gained something. Space is less vast and silent when you're around. It's pronounced Eeeeeh-g-drooo-l?
2814.1 Awkward Coworker I'm sorry, man. You know how it goes. They tell me to go somewhere, I go somewhere. I've got your back.
Captain Marvel Inspiration Professional and cool as hell at what she does. She'd have made a good Lantern. If a ring comes her way, I'm gonna cheer.


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