Green Lantern (Jordan)
Green Lantern
Portrayed by Josh Duhamel
Full Name Hal "Highball" Jordan
Age 33
Height 6'2"
Build Fit
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Skin Caucasian
Factions Green Lantern Corps, Justice League


"In brightest day, In blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power.. Green Lantern's light!"


Hal is a dishonorably discharged pilot of the USAF with low credibility and a documented bad attitude.
Green Lantern 2814.1 is a 'despicable human' (according to his alien pals) in possession of one of the most powerful weapons in all of the universe. A capable and unorthodox wildcard who always gets the job done.


*At the young age of 8 years old Hal Jordan watches his father and personal hero the "Flying Martini" die in a plane crash before his very eyes. As a result he refused to acknowledge fear and began living a life of risk and insubordination.
*He ran away as soon as he was able to against his mothers wishes and joined the USAF.
*During these years the legendary Lantern Abin Sur tragically died, his vessel crashing in to our Earth and the ring sought out Hal Jordan, selecting him as Abin Sur's replacement.
*Hal was then 'abducted' by the ring where a great debate began among the Guardians that a human of all creatures be drafted in to the Corp, but the ring had chosen wisely.
*Despite his lack of professionalism, discipline, obedience and restraint Hal proved to be a great asset and brought victory to the Corps on more than one occasion.
*Now Hal has returned to his home Sector of 2814 as the Emerald Gladiator, representative of the Lantern Corps and defender of the Milky Way. He also may be hiding out. That is another big possibility too. Whatever the case, he is home again and ready to serve his ego and mankind to the best of his abilities.

(Check NOTES below for CMX Lantern Corps timeline)

Character Details

Hal embodies many of the characteristics of an old Western Silver Screen Cowboy, a two-fisted brazen, cocky, brawler with a dashing Han Solo smile and a fear nothing attitude.
With Hal what you see is usually what you get. By no means is he unintelligent but he often follows his passion and his passions often involve the reckless whether it is women, playing a hero or just finding some adventure.
Hal at the very core is a good man with a strong moral code and a deep ability to feel. He is also terrified of failure and doesn't get over loss of any kind easy. It is part of why he lives off the cuff and maintains his 'Rock and Roll' lifestyle of rogue-turned-space-sheriff-super-hero.
Also lets not forget his temper. Hal punches lots of people, LOTS of people.


Faces Names Words Musics
Ozymandias A man of mystery. I really don't know much about him but the rest of the League seems to trust him. I'm giving it a shot. —-
Doctor Strange A doctor? A nerd with a magic cape? Apparently he is the best at what he does. Really no clue but he cracks me up every time he starts waving his fingers around and talking about the Harry Hostess of Hogwarts. —-
Wonder Woman Probably my best bro on Earth. I mean, shes a she not a bro and I'm notoriously horrible with keeping lady friends and I'd love to take it to a new level but even I gotta admit shes way out of my league. —-
Spoiler Feisty. Barry is gonna get chewed up and spit out if he hasn't already. At least he will enjoy himself! I did see her first, I mean, I should have had dibs but the moment she said Gotham she may as well have said I love Twilight books. Door + Me. Gotham sucks. Especially their sports teams, Gotham Knights, tch, losers. —-
Captain Marvel I'm a better pilot, Carol. I am a better pilot. Say it with me "Hal is a better pilot" ; she ranks right up there with the Amazon in the awesome and hardcore departments. Owes me a date. —-
Batman The Dork Lord of Shadows, goofy wannabe Dracula fanboy. Probably lives in his parent's basement practicing his emo glare in a broken mirror. I hear hes top dog in Gotham. Well pal, Gotham is a very very small place in the galaxy and I'm top dog of the entire damned galaxy. Also have I mentioned it sucks? It does. Gotham is just awful. —-
Starfire The colors. All the colors. It is a spastic nightmare of colors whenever she hangs around me. Shes cool though but I always get along with alien babes. Well, mostly always. Okay so thats a lie. Sometimes and this is one of those times. —-
Superman I am really still confused even after all the bullshit explanations on this guy. Hes old but hes not. Hes Superman but not OUR Superman but he is. I dunno. An icon and the strongest man alive? We'll see about that. You never tangled with a Jordan. —-
Flash The Fastest Man Alive #thatswhatshesaid. We got potential (canon best bros). I see a kindred spirit in this guy but hes a hard one to catch, like, seriously, he lives up to his name. —-
Power Girl Girlfriend? Maybe. Boss, yes her names on my paychecks… this feels like Deja Vu and that went so well the first time. —-
Green Lantern (Rayner) Kyle, you little boy scout. I was like that once, kinda, then I learned eventually. You will too. I know you're just here to keep tabs on me because of that *thing* and thats cool, I'm good with it, I still like you. We're hombres. Just remember which of us is the egg and which is the chicken. Wait… no, wait, no…. seriously, never mind… just… I was here first. That is what I am getting at. —-

626 Lantern Timeline

(This is all subject to change based on characters and plots)
8 Years and Beyond: All canonical events most are familiar with have still transpired (Anti-Monitor, Krona, the Manhunters, Zamaron/Malthusian (Oan) split, etc.)
6-7 Years Ago: Hal Jordan of Earth is chosen by Abin Sur.
5-6 Years Ago: John Stewart becomes a reserve Green Lantern and soon fully fledged.
4-5 Years Ago: Guy Gardner becomes a Green Lantern. Tomar Re dies. Evets of Invasion! , Millennium and Sinestro's apparent death along with Power Battery corruption.
3-4 Years Ago: Cosmic Odyssey, Trinity, Mosaic Emerald Twilight, Final Night and in relation to the/ Omega Shift/ a concentrated 'Zero Hour' takes place. Hal Jordan becomes/is possessed by Parallax. (Note: things transpire differently in this canon approach clearly).
2-3 Years Ago: Hal Jordan is alive with vague to no memories of what transpired before his resurrection and the events of Zero Hour/Omega Shift. Lantern Wars, Sinestro Corps, and many canon events that create and establish the other Corps transpire in an alternate way. (This is for sake of establishing existing characters for use and play). -
Recent Years: The Red Lanterns attempted to claim 2814 and are fought back by Hal Jordan and the Justice League. Rules along with a treaty is established to keep Reds out of Milky Way space. The Sinestro Corps falls under leadership of Arkillo while Sinestro is again imprisoned by the Green Lantern Corp.
A new Rann-Thanagar Holy War begins.
The new Green Lantern Corps sets out to increase it's number from 3600 to 7600 ideally, unskilled and newer Green Lanterns still suffer the yellow impurity weakness. Veterans and stronger Lanterns are able to overcome this.

RP Logs & Journals

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