Green Lantern (Gardner)
Green Lantern
Portrayed by
Full Name Guy Darrin Gardner
Age 28
Height 6'0"
Build Athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Red
Skin Caucasian



Guy Gardner is one of Earth's representatives in the Green Lantern Corps and is by far the most frustrating and migraine-inducing of them. He's crude, obnoxious, and bull-headed - but he's also somehow capable of getting the job accomplished when everything's said and done.


Guy Gardner grew up in Baltimore, where he continually disappointed his alcoholic father. Guy became a frequent guest in juvie as a result of active delinquency and crime - a stark contrast to his sister Gloria and "golden child" older brother Gerard, the latter of whom would take out his anger on the younger son. The three siblings all pursued careers as police officers, but Guy's career was short-lived after he made a bad call taking out a suicide bomber attempting to board and hijack an airplane; the resulting explosion killed ten innocent bystanders.

Guy resigned and withdrew from most of his socialization until he heard a distress call on the police radio in his apartment - a call from his brother, who was under fire from a gang. Guy rushed out to help Gerard and his partner, barely able to get them to the hospital and away from their assailants. Along the way, a Green Lantern ring found its way to him due to the tremendous willpower it took to overcome the fear Guy had felt when hearing the distress call.

From the moment where he accepted the ring, Guy has attempted to make use of his newfound abilities and authority to make the universe a better place (at least in Guy's image). His very crude, rough-around-the-edges demeanor has made him a difficult ally for heroes of all stripes, even while he demonstrates considerable skill in tackling crises. Most of his friends breathe a sigh of relief while he's elsewhere in the universe, knowing he's trying to do good … just not anywhere they will have to deal with him.

Character Details

Guy considers himself an old-fashioned straight shooter who says what he thinks - generally without regard for others' feelings - because that's the American way. However, other than for a very small number of exceptions, Guy tends to keep his respect for others hidden, instead performing the "dumb tough guy" role that others are usually more than willing to write him off as. In a similar vein, Guy often works best alone, mostly because his and his allies' attention aren't caught up in bickering or posturing for authority with one another. He doesn't actually like working alone, though; the bickering reminds him of home and family, and he misses that out among the stars (even when the memories aren't pleasant).


Image Name Relation Information
DSCMX.jpg Deathstroke Creditor Slade has a marker on Guy that he can potentially call in at any time he sees fit for Green Lantern-level aid.

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