Green Arrow
Green Arrow
Portrayed by Stephen Amell
Full Name Oliver Jonas Queen
Age 32
Height 5'11"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Skin Caucasian
Factions [Forthcoming]


Playboy heir and now CEO of Queen Consolidated


I am Oliver Queen. By day, I pose as a billionaire playboy and CEO of one of the world's largest conglomerates. By night, I work alone to protect Gotham and the world from those who would take advantage of people who work so hard for so little. In order to do so, I must be something else, someONE else. I AM the Green Arrow.


Oliver was born to Robert and Moira Queen, the eldest son of one of the most affluent old-money families in the Northeast. Robert was president and CEO of Queen Consolidated, a conglomerate of manufacturing companies that ran up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Oliver grew up wanting absolutely nothing and had zero responsibilities for anything that he did. Mistakes were made and covered up, and Oliver's biggest concerns were what scandals the paparazzi would uncover on any given evening. He barely passed his classes, mostly because his teachers wouldn't dare fail him. Private school was difficult, but only because he actually had to show up for classes every once in a while. He'd had a serious on-again/off-again girlfriend that he was crazy about, but he just couldn't stay faithful to her. He was living the life that all other men his age would only dream of.

That is, until the one day he stepped aboard his family yacht with his father, and ended up getting lost in the South Pacific. While on a lifeboat, Robert exposed his weaknesses to his son, as well as his associates, whom were all working together to squeeze every cent out of their city while taking advantage of it's everyday citizens. He'd urge Oliver to do what's right, to go back and fix things, before he sacrificed himself so that Oliver could live. Oliver would end up on a deserted island, where he learned survival, and eventually how to fight by people who were already calling the island their home. After a few years on the island, Oliver was able to escape and make his way to Russia, to fulfill a promise that he had made to a friend on the island. While there, he'd run into an old friend and was able to join a Russian crime family. After learning more about his own darkness and how to hunt those with darkness in themselves, he'd helped his friend become leader of the Bratva and was soon made a Captain. After his time in Russia, he knew it was time to return home to fulfill the promise he made to his father. He returned to the island and was able to flag down a ship that would rescue him and bring him home.

Character Details

Oliver, like most heroes with a secret identity, has two different-appearing personalities. As Ollie, he's the happy-go-lucky heir who never took responsibility for anything and does whatever he wants. As the Green Arrow, he fights crime and protects people that would be harmed by people like his parents and their friends. Of course the Oliver persona is false and used more as a mask than the domino he wears as Green Arrow. He believes that he alone can solve the world's problems and takes on all the world's ills. He pushes people away but constantly yearns for the approval of his parents.


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