Goblin Queen
Goblin Queen (Red Queen)
Portrayed by
Full Name Madelyne Jennifer Pryor
Age 29
Height 5'6
Build Fi(t)ness
Eyes Emerald/Ruby
Hair Deep Ruby
Skin Caucasian



"I could save you. But it's best that I don't."
The Dark clone of a Phoenix.


A conscious fragment of a cosmic entity wanders the globe, a dark splinter expelled from it's original host.
The being now known as the Goblin Queen was born in fire and rage, bursting free of an incubator with a scream of one single name before her maker.
Mister Sinister, the monster responsible for her creation created this particular specimen from the harvested material of a unique mutant, one of the original X-Men… Jean Grey.
With the birth of his newest 'child' plans are set in motion. Madelyne Pryor is named and given an identity.


Before the year 2008 there was no Madelyne Pryor. She did not exist, especially as an adult woman an new hire pilot with North Star Airways out of Alaska, a freight company owned by Philip and Deborah Summers. A perfect insertion and a near perfect match for a recently heartbroken and single grandson. The two would be introducted and the man believed he had met his lost love born again in Madelyne, they hit it off immediately. Not long after getting to know one another more the Summers family adds another to their tree and very soon, yet another.
Nathan Summers is born to Scott and Madelyne. Even with a newborn their marriage has become turbulent, largely due to Scott being unable and unwilling to forget his apast. A past that will swing full circle.
Jean Grey is revealed to be alive. Madelyne's happy life as mother and wife comes to an abrupt end when Scott leaves to New York again. It doesn't help she has begun experiencing horrible, demented nightmares.


Alone in her life under threat from her ceator upon discovery that her 'genetic platform' still lives Madelyne is forced to fight for her life while on business in San Fransisco, in the process of this she loses Nathan but awakens her latent powers in defense of herself. End result is Madelyne showing up in a hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, barely making it only to become comatose. Deemed a lost cause and listed as a "Jane Doe" she is all but forgotten. Presumed dead to the world.
Sinister systemetically erases all documentation of Madelyne Pryor and her child, only those who knew them personally remember their existances. Where the child ends up is a mystery…
Again there is no Madelyne Pryor.


It is unknown how many years Madelyne Pryor spent in a coma, what is known is recently she surfaced in Genosha. Awakening in a storm of violence that results in the Phoenix Force's final hold upon her releasing itself, the end result? The death of many Genoshans, several Press Gang members and the X-Men's Nate Grey.
Madelyne's body was relocated from Genosha following Magneto's rise to power. During this phase some part of her psyche supposedly manipulated by Sinister inflicted an alternate psychic reality upon a mass of mutants, ultimately she was discarded again, left to her own devices.


Adrift from body with new found power the unhinged psychic entity that relates to herself as Madelyne Pryor grows more vengeful, more powerful. Those who crafted the sleeping terrors shes been suffering for years reveal themselves; Limbo Demons, attracted to Maddie's potential many years go. Her rage is bolstered when one of those infernal tormentors takes her on a trip in to her origins, letting her see first hand all the manipulations and designs that ultimately allowed for her living suffering.
Embracing the power, insanity and hatred inside she forms a pact with a devil swearing off love and motherhood to take hold of the dark gift offered to her - the Goblin Force or at least a portion of it.
Even diminished as the entity is inside it's new host it is till enough to awaken a new threat, a reborn enemy, the Goblin Queen.

Character Details

Seductive, vindictive, a bit of insane…

But that is what Love &/or the Goblin Force can do to a woman.

The Ends will always Justify the Means.


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