Portrayed by Emma Stone
Full Name Unknown
Age 20 (???)
Height 5'6"
Build Slender
Eyes Pale Blue
Hair Red Gold
Skin Caucasian
Factions None Yet


She is considered to be one of the best thieves in the world, even back when she was just a teenager.


As a teenager, she was once the Hellfire Club's premier thief-for-hire, already pulling that kind of work at such a young age. Sebastian Shaw's duplicity, however, caused the young thief to make a break, never one to suffer being strung on a tight leash, causing her to steal from Stark Industries and the Hellfire Club and somehow coming out on top.


Glitch's past is a mystery, even to herself. Ignorant of whatever caused her to lose her memories, she is driven by the desire, above all, to figure out who she is.

All that is really known about her are her talents as a master thief; in her teens, she was already considered to be one of the best thieves in the world, popping up here and there and occasionally partnering up with a few notorious characters. In one of these excursions, she ended up meeting an infamous mutant when he sought her out to assist him with a spot of trouble in Cape Town, South Africa - details of which are unknown but to the two of them.

She was later recruited by Sebastian Shaw of the Hellfire Club, acting as their premier thief-for-hire, the arrangement secured by the promise that he has information regarding her missing life, which she has resolved to obtain at all costs. However, after a few other jobs, when Glitch demanded what was due her, Sebastian reneged on their agreement and intended to keep her under the Club's thumb by using it as leverage to secure her compliance. Incensed, she agreed to Sebastian's proposal to steal a dangerous piece of technology from Stark Industries; Sebastian was developing a prototype much like it, and wanted her to obtain Tony Stark's prototype so he could be assured of his invention's superiority. After breaking in and successfully fighting off Iron Man by short-circuiting his famous suit, Glitch was able to make off with the stolen StarkTech.

However, unbeknownst to Shaw, days before her Stark Industries heist, Glitch broke into the aforementioned infamous mutant's then-safehouse to collect on the favor he owed her after the Cape Town job, and convinced him to convince Tony to pay the Hellfire Club a visit. While the two ended up causing a ruckus after Stark confronted Shaw about his stolen tech, Glitch was able to steal the information she wanted from Shaw and after a fight among Shaw, his people, the mutant and Iron Man, they managed to escape. To secure Tony's goodwill, Glitch offered him not only his tech back, but also Shaw's prototype before vanishing to parts unknown.

Character Details

A crafty, sassy opportunist. While Glitch exhibits the kind of charming personality that can't help but make friends, her ambitious drive and singleminded need to obtain whatever she wants or is hired to get can make enemies out of those friends just as quickly. She also demonstrates a decidedly stubborn and independent streak, reluctant to be beholden to anyone, liable to push away those who try to reach out to her and infinitely prefers to strike out on her own.


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  • She is a mutant, and given her memory loss, has no idea who taught her how to steal or control her gifts.
  • She was only a teenager when she ran into Tony Stark (ie. stole a very dangerous prototype). One misadventure with the Hellfire Club later, he offered her training and recruitment to the Avengers, which she declined.

Current Mood




I never thought there were people like me
Just a little bit dark we like it harder
Don't mind if the sky is grey
You know we even kinda never like it that way
Never knew it could feel like this
My thoughts are twisted, wrong and wicked
Always knew that I wasn't the only one
I've found you, let's have some fun

Calling me strange gives me confidence
Cause I take it as a compliment

Maybe I'll change my evil ways
Stop taking shots one of these days
I'll settle down, I'll rearrange
Maybe I'll learn from my mistakes
Stop breaking hearts, forgetting names
I'll settle down, and act my age
One of these days… but not today!



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