Portrayed by Hannah John-Kamen
Full Name Ava Starr
Age 25
Height 5'3"
Build Painfully thin
Eyes Brown
Hair Chestnut
Skin Brown
Factions SHIELD



Ghost is an infiltrator and rumoured assassin. Lethal, hypercompetent, and good at keeping her true identity secret. Ava is a competent computer programmer.


Ava Starr was born the daughter of Elihas Starr, a SHIELD researcher. After bieng fired and disgraced he tried to continue his quantum research on his own in her home country of Argentina but, lacking funding, the research became more and more dangerous until it resulted in a quantum event that killed her parents and left Ava afflicted with a quantum displacement effect called 'molecular displacement', phasing in and out of existence.

Citing their relationship with her father SHIELD took in the young Ava and trained her as an infiltrator, promising an eventual cure to her disease. That cure never came and as she got older the condition became worse, causing constant pain and difficulty controlling it. She was outfitted with a special suit and sent on assassination and espionage missions around the world.

Disillusioned with SHIELD's promises Ava is now focusing on using her talents to find a way to stay alive.

Character Details

Brutal and efficient, Ghost is known for being cold and ruthless. She doesn't let much get in the way of her mission, and especially her own salvation. She feels she's owed something. What happened to her is a tragedy and she's willing to hurt whomever it takes both to accomplish her goals on behalf of SHIELD and to see herself cured. She mostly only has empathy for people she knows well, though there's an inkling of concern for others when her work permits her to do so.


RP Logs & Journals

March 04, 2019: The Great Train Heist

Supergirl tries to stop Gorilla Boss from robbing a train, while Ghost watches on, but things don't work out quite as expected.

(permalink: log:8405 | tags: ghost gotham supergirl | posted: 05 Mar 2019 04:31)

January 01, 2019: The Great ATM Heist

In which Ghost sees Sublime have a power mishap and decides to find out more lest SHIELD need her to be involved later.

(permalink: log:8316 | tags: ghost nyc sublime | posted: 02 Jan 2019 23:08)

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