Portrayed by Taylor Kitch
Full Name Remy LeBeau
Age 21
Height 6'2"
Build Lean, Athletic
Eyes Red
Hair Dark Brown
Skin Caucasian
Factions None


Outside of certain underworld circles, Remy’s not famous at all. Inside certain underworld circles, Remy LeBeau is known as “Gambit,” a thief who can steal almost anything from almost anyone.


Remy is the wild card of the X-men, he's the cool uncle teacher at Xaviers, and he's the man who's done dirty deeds, but never for dirt cheap.


Remy Lebeau started like most kids, born into a life of crime and subterfuge.
No, just him? Yeah. Remy was abandoned by his mother at his birth and just
happened to be discovered by the head of the LeBeau crime family, quickly
given to his much younger sister and brother in law to be raised into the
Louisiana mobs. Growing up as a mutant is not easy for the kid who's family is
well known as being the big baddies around the neighborhood made it somewhat
easier, but he was still teased and picked on. This is what fueled his
morality shift into stealing and committing crimes as a way to survive and
thrive in the atmoshphere he is raised in. As he grows older, the young man
falls in love with a woman which is more than lucky as he is going to be a
part of an arranged marriage with the woman, but when the time comes, her
brother demands a duel with the groom to be. A duel Remy wins, but the fact
the fight occurs and because he killed his betrothed brother, he is exiled
from Louisiana.

This is when Remy makes his way northeast to the city that never sleeps. Being
a young man, who's obviously a mutant and skilled enough to never need to
wonder how he's going to eat or where he's going to sleep, Remy survived well
enough for a short time before coming into contact with a certain individual
who promised to help him with his dangerous mutation and get it under control.
But at a cost. Remy was forced to sell out where a group of physically mutated
mutants had taken up safe refuge in the sewers and Remy had to give up the
location. He refused to participate in the massacre, but instead he tried to
stop it and was wildly unsuccessful.

After this horrific incident, Remy discovered Xavier's school and worked his
tail off to become a better person, and become a big brother and eventually
the cool uncle to the students at the school and becoming a mainstay of the
X-men team. He still hides his darkest secrets from all but Charles, and yet
he still has the questionable morality.

Character Details

Remy is the cool guy, the guy who goes out and stands behind the back door
with a self rolled cigarette and a can of pabst blue ribbon. He's a calm guy
that allways keeps his cool, but he's not afraid to be the first one to step
up and speak out to someone who's threating him or his own. He's killed
before and it's left a horrible taste in his mouth and blood on his hands
that can't be washed off, but taking things, that's alright, especially if
it's from the rich to feed his poor.


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