Portrayed by
Full Name Joanna 'Jo' Cargill
Age 32
Height 6'
Build Muscular
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Skin Brown
Factions Mutants




Frenzy's life has never been an easy one. She had a terrible childhood with an abusive father, a passive mother, and an older brother who died. Her powers manifested themselves when she was a teenager, at a stressful time when her father was about to hit her. She instead hit back, but with well over a ton of strength, versus what her size and height should realistically allow her.

From there she ran with the wrong crowd which then merged into her following into a mercenary unit. There she learned how to be a good soldier, a good fighter, a team player who helped fight wars and scuffles for the hightest bidder.

Eventually though, like anyone Frenzy yearned for something more. Acceptance for who and what she is, but also for a place to belong. While she never voiced these thoughts or wants out loud, it caused her to take stock of her life and shift her attention elsewhere. This is what led her to eventually become an Acolyte for Magneto.

The fervor he inspired was nothing like anything Frenzy ever felt. It sparked something within her heart and from that the woman put her full self into being the loyalist Acolyte. She followed him wherever he went from NYC to Genosha. She followed him even after he went missing for some time. After his return, Frenzy continues to follow him and his rhetoric to this very day. A helpful Acolyte there to herald the rise of the mutant population.

Character Details

Frenzy isn't a complicate woman. For the most part. Everything is very black and white. Mutants good and flatscans bad. Magneto God and other mutants are typically allies. However, buried beneath her fervor is something more. Anger at her childhood, depression, sadness even. Anger at how the world treats anything different.

All of that emotion is covered up by the attitude she typically gives off. Attitude to those that she sees as inferior to herself and for those that don't believe in the same goals as she.

After all, most people who fall into cults (in this case the Mutant Supremecy Cult) often are trying to fill a missing part in their ownself and Frenzy is no different. Perhaps one day she'll peel that facade away and really take stock of herself and the world out there, but right now that armor is locked up tight against anything other than zealotry.


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