Flamebird (Hawkfire)
Portrayed by
Full Name Mary Elizabeth Kane
Age 20
Height 5'6"
Build Athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde
Skin Caucasian



Flamebird has been active on a part time basis within heroic circles in Gotham and New York for several years. While Bette Kane is known as the daughter of a wealthy industrialist family and as an athelete who competes at an international level.


Mary Elizabeth Kane, Bette to her friends, grew up as a daughter of a wealthy industrialist family. Her childhood was filled with the best tutors and schools money can buy along with countless beauty pagents. She took up sport, at first to better compete in the pagents, and excelled at them thanks to a combination of natural ability, determination and the finest tutors money can buy.

Eventually though the thrill of competitive sport began to fade and Bette started seeking new challenges. Like many Gotham natives she'd grown up hearing about the exploits of masked superheroes, especially the ones closest to her age. She decided that would be her new challenge, fighting crime with nothing but her skill and wits. Bette started collecting useful superhero 'memorabilia' to be her gadgets, paid for martial arts lessons as well as a variety of useful extreme sports.

Eventually after months of training she decided she was ready to take to the streets of Gotham as Flamebird. Through equal parts luck and skill she somehow survived the experience, even managing to stop a few high profile crimes in the process. She continued to juggle heroics, high school and sport throughout her early teens. By the time she was ready to graduate high school she'd begun to work with other heros, even acting as reserve member in the Teen Titans.

In the two years since finishing school Bette has begun taking part time college courses in and around her tennis career. And, although her schedule doesn't leave a lot of time for it, she has kept venturing out under the guise of Flamebird.

Character Details

The face Bette shows the world is that of a bright, bubbly and outgoing young socialite but this hides a fiercely competitive spirit, a need to do what's right and a love of the thrills you can only get by putting yourself in mortal danger.


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