Portrayed by Antje Traue
Full Name Faora Hu-Ul
Age 28
Height 5'7"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian
Factions None


Sub-Commander in the Military Caste on Krypton.


A newly arrived being of great power and ability, Faora-Ul has been involved in several powered altercations across the globe. None involved loss of life, and though reports are conflicting, they seemed to have involved some amount of misunderstanding or aggression from a party other than herself.%r%rIn each instance, there was no loss of life, and while there are only scattered reports of her ability to fly, withstand tank fire, and topple buildings on the internet, world governments and certain private organizations have taken a more pointed interest in her whereabouts.


Faora Hu-Ul was destined to serve, as all members of her family were, born to be soldiers and leaders in the Military Caste of Krypton. She did not realize until her brother's death in a training accident that she was destined to /lead/. Her father, having taken the loss of his son to heart, withdrew from planetary politics. Faora Hu-Ul became Faora-Ul, named as a man might be named, and took her brother's place in the line of succession.

Driven to show that she was meant for the greatness her brother would never achieve, she climbed from his shadow and proved herself most capable, dedicating her life to the militaristic order of Edo Tigris, and soon caught the attention of General Zod. As his greatest ally and protege', Zod filled the void in Faora's life that her withdrawn father had left behind.

In the ten years of service with the General, she came to understand what it was to be a soldier without a real enemy to fight. Sometimes Kree or Skrull pirates would dare test their borders, but never in a meaningful way. In private the General confided his displeasure at the decline of their society, and she learned of the time before, a time when Krypton's empire spanned the known galaxy, where they conquered and claimed what they might as a birthright.

It was this timeframe that inspired the closest of Faora's allies to what might be again, and though she knew that serving as the head of her house might give her a voice before Krypton's ruling council one day, the time did not seem like it would come soon enough.

Then, the quakes began. Unrest followed, worry among the citizenry that their plentiful stores of geological energy might be at risk. She had heard the rumors of scientists, led by the House of El, warnings that things were much worse. And so too had Zod. She did not understand the friendship of her mentor and those from outside the military, but did not question his simple but alarming order when the time came:


It was a subtle call to war, and Faora knew it, but she was caught in conflict, for the day Zod had summoned her, so too had her father. Long withdrawn from inter-caste politics and true leadership of House Ul, she would have ignored him if not for his message, equally subtle but cryptic.


It was the day a new leader took over the head of a great House, as important a day as one's name day, and Faora, after working hard to achieve what few women did in such a traditionalist society, was ready to take her place. Instead of exaltation she found only betrayal. Set upon by her own house guards, she was told it was for her own good.

Her father had betrayed Zod's machinations, and he and his would be sent to the Phantom Zone. Faora's fury was unmatched save for gratuitous application of stunbursts from the House guard, and her story would have been the same as every other Kryptonian's if not for her loyalty to General Zod. In the days that passed following Zod's sentence, Faora escaped and stole a Patrol Craft used to ferry Phantom Zone prisoners through the dimensional barrier. Pursued by Kryptonian Defense forces, she knew her plan was a desperate one, and as her ship came under fire she thought she had been struck a fatal blow when the sky lit up around her.

Instead the reality was far worse. She watched as her world burned and began it's implosion, and in an act of desperation she triggered her craft's Phantom Generator as the shockwave hit. Caught suspended in the drifting miasma between dimensions, Faora's craft swirled along the edge of the Phantom zone in a place that time had no meaning, at least until her craft located another beacon across the dimensional boundary and used all it's remaining power to trigger another rift.

She did not understand the blinding yellow of the sun in her eyes, nor the blue horizon spinning before her. She knew only the terror of crashing into Earth's ocean, and the newfound power it's star had infused in her on her short journey to the bottom of the sea. The weeks that followed reminded her of her first weeks in training on Krypton. New powers. New possibilities. New beings to threaten her and test her mettle.

Soon Faora came to understand their languages, their petty squabbles and dismal technology. It was a world that should be conquered, and she might have set out on that journey despite their champions, if not for the alarming presence of a man bearing the colors and sigil of the House of El. For now she waits to spot him again, in real time. To confront him on his purpose here, and how he came to survive what so many had not.

Character Details

Does a lion feel remorse for the gazelle trapped in her jaws? Probably not. And why should Faora-Ul be any different? Long ago Kryptonians worked to craft their DNA as any good architect might, and it was the caste system that made sure their world has all the experts it needed in all the right places.

Including expert killers.

Though Krypton had long given up on it's warfaring, expansionist ways, tradition kept the military in full power, and power is what Faora was raised on. Exceptionalism without emotion. Action without morality. Loyalty without question.

These are the pillars of her persona, which might seem ice cold on casual interaction, whimsy and delight taken only with the execution of a successful mission. She has a soldier's honor, but it is one she only extends to worthy combatants, and held only as a standard with which to test herself against. She has no problem with underhanded methods or outright deception, but only when the mission demands it.

In casual, every day interactions she seems the detached, begrudged authoritarian, cold in expression and swift to dismiss those she deems beneath her attention. Only when impressed do her eyes light up, and in this world of champions, she would be loathe to admit how often she has been amazed by their capability, if not their discipline.

All that said, she does have the capacity to feel as any living being might, but her scope of who is /worth/ caring for is extremely limited. Attempting to change this scope may be a worthy endeavor for some brave collection of souls, should they run out of steep mountains to climb elsewhere.


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