Portrayed by Lee Pace
Full Name Jean-Phillipe Charles (?)
Age 27 (???)
Height 5' 11"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair ???
Skin Caucasian


Whatever it is, he probably stole it.


A world-famous gentleman thief from France who has operated throughout Europe before coming over to the United States. Never heard of him? Claim there's no record of him ever existing? … That means he's just -that- good then, right?


Jean-Philippe was born and raised in a homey villa just on the outskirts of Paris, France. Raised by a loving mother and wanting for nothing, he still found himself eventually craving for a sense of adventure and risk. And so, Jean-Philippe became Fantomex, the Gentleman Thief, notorious throughout Europe for his acts of daring crime in pursuit of only the most worthy of treasures. This is the life of the man known as Jean-Philippe.

It is also a blatant lie.

Nothing about Jean-Philippe is true. Smoke and mirrors, hiding the fact that "Jean-Philippe" simply does not exist. The person who wears that name was born as experiment designate Charlie-Cluster 7, one of a batch of creations forged in the artificial ecosystem known as The World, where time is artificially controlled to induce rapid-onset evolution of the course of thousands, even millions, of years. Charlie-Cluster 7 was heated up in this petri dish of false time, spliced with highly advanced nanotechnology, and developed into a world class assassin and spy through rigid and unforgiving years — decades — of training and conditioning.

All of this was done under orders of the wide-reaching organization known as the Weapon Plus Program. Dedicated to developing living weapons capable of facing and exterminating the threat of mutantkind, Weapon Plus had existed and meddled in superhuman affairs as early as World War II; Fantomex was to be Weapon XIII, the 13th in their line of mutant hunter-killers. Specifically, he would become part of a team of fellow machine-mutate hybrids that would combine social media marketing and good old fashioned PR to make mutant genocide a celebrated, mainstream phenomenon — like beloved, Saturday Morning Cartoon heroes. Fantomex would be the "cool, mysterious" one, their spy, their rogue. The Green Ranger of their Power Rangers of government-sanctioned extermination.

That was the plan, at least. But things don't often go as planned. In making Weapon XIII, they made him too clever. Too smart. Too introspective. Raised by one of the scientists who gave him life, Mother, to be instilled with at least some small semblence of morality or a sense of what's right, Charlie-Cluster 7 soon started engineering his escape from the Weapon Plus Program. Engineering the sabotage of one of the program's agents, Weapon III, during a London mission, Weapon XIII used the ensuing chaos to make his escape. Adopting the name of Jean-Philippe Charles, the assassin took upon the role of a roguish Frenchman gallavanting through the world on one heist to another, always looking for his next great challenge… all the while, going on the run from his Weapon Plus pursuers as he seeked out a means to shut down the program, once and for all.

And thus, the gentleman thief Fantomex was born. Roguish. Faux french. Hunter-killer. Rebel.

Complete jerk.

Character Details

"Jean-Phillipe" is a man of many layers and and dueling impulses thanks to the nature of his three minds. While his brains work in harmony in almost all circumstances, each one has its own, distinctive personality, and each one informs the multi-faceted and many times contradictory personality of the man who calls himself Fantomex:

Brain 1: Dashing, witty, egotistic, rebellious, arrogant, thrill-seeking, hedonistic, irresponsible. The Rogue.

Brain 2: Noble, stubborn, lonely, passionate, selfless, caring, thoughtful, diplomatic, benevolent, humanitarian. The Altruist.

Brain 3: Merciless, sociopathic, efficient, predatory, manipulative, amoral, vengeful, paranoid, calculating. The Weapon.

There's a lot going on there, but more often than not, Fantomex is consistently a bastard, even when he means well.

-Especially- when he means well.



Fantomex has been rebooted from his earlier iterations. This is a new Fantomex as of 01/20/2017.

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