Portrayed by Anthony Mackie
Full Name Samuel Thomas "Sam" Wilson
Age 30
Height 6'2"
Build Athletically Foine
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Skin Hot Chocolate
Factions SHIELD, The Avengers



A military veteran and counselor, Sam Wilson's perhaps most known as the Aerial Avenger, Falcon, where he serves as a hero in his own right and Captain America's wingman.


Sam Wilson had a difficult childhood, growing up in one of those tough Harlem neighborhoods. He attempted to stay on the right path but when his minister father was murdered while trying to stop a fight, Sam lost all semblance of faith and turned to the dark side, as it were. He became known as "Snap" Wilson, working his way up from a simple messenger teen to an adult mob enforcer. It was a life that put him in danger on a regular basis. After doing this for a couple years, Sam started to realize just how wrong of a path he was on and attempted to get himself out. That's not something one pulls off easily while sticking around the neighborhood. So he enlisted.

Sam found that, as a soldier, he could do greater things and actually help people in need. Turning his disdain for his dark past into fuel, Sam trained hard with the military, eventually managing to get himself elevated to being in the special forces division. It was there that he became part of a para-rescue platoon that showed him truly how important being a soldier could be. He fought alongside some amazing men and women in that squad, lost most of them, but saved a lot of lives in the process. This brought a newfound light to Sam's life. A new purpose. He realized just how important one person's help could be.

Tragedy grounded Sam, though, when his partner was shot down in a botched mission. Sam barely escaped but he lost his wingman and he needed some time to clear his head. Returning home to New York, Sam set up a support group for soldiers and veterans struggling to readjust themselves to civilian life. Leaving one of his group meetings is where he met and befriended Steve Rogers. Sam offered Steve his friendship more than counseling, perhaps due to the fact that he recognized Steve's face and wouldn't dream of making him have to show up to these meetings on a regular basis. Sam made sure that Steve knew to call him if he ever needed anything. Anything.

The call that came wasn't from Steve Rogers, it was from Captain America. A mission had went south and Sam was one of the few people that the Captain could trust to assist with this. The assistance went both ways as the Captain helped Sam reacquire the Exo-7 Falcon flight suit and together they completed Cap's mission and saved the world. Through friendship, trust and loyalty, the team of Captain America and The Falcon were born!

Though about a dozen or so regulations were broken, the mission being a success earned Sam a partnership with Captain America and access to both S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers. Of course, Sam dove at the chance to get back into the hero business but with one small caveat:

"Count me in. But I want a new suit."

Character Details

Sam Wilson is a man that embodies trust, loyalty, respect and friendship. His time in the military has completed his turning over of a new leaf from the short-lived criminal antics he performed during his dark period. He's come full circle and has blossomed into the hero that he's been destined to be for quite some time. He stands by those that stand for the same thing he does. His life in the military as made him mentally strong and capable. He's definitely a soldier, he's experienced loss on various levels and has come out the other side stronger and more capable of dealing with bad things. He is strong enough to keep his emotions in check and focus his attentions on the mission.

Sam is confident and flavored with a healthy helping of snark and sarcasm to be used in all areas of his life. He respects those in a position of authority as long as they have earned that respect. He comes with a naturally optimistic and positive outlook on life. He even manages to stay positive and confident in the face of great adversity and turmoil. He's also honest and very 'matter-of-fact', but without being rude or obnoxious. Sam Wilson is not the every man, he's the every soldier and he's proud of that. And he's more than willing to let anyone know that.

As well as how good he looks in sunglasses.


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