Caitlin Fairchild
Portrayed by
Full Name Caitlin Fairchild
Age 23
Height 6'5"
Build Muscular
Eyes Green
Hair Red
Skin Caucasian
Factions none


A 6'5" redheaded powerhouse of a superheroine! How many are out there?


Caitlin's been a professional hero for just a little over a year. Earnest, hard-working, and honest to a fault, she's one of the League's physical powerhouses and generally well-liked. She has a knack for engineering with a good intuition for repairing even unfamiliar systems. Fairchild went into Apokalips solo to save several JL team members last year, which got her admitted into the League after she was in turn rescued by Carol Danvers. Her appetite for food puts everyone else in the League to shame, and she's constantly a victim of errant wardrobe malfunctions.


Most of Caitlin's early life is a lie. Her birth certificate says she's 23. In fact, she's not even quite 10. Caitlin Fairchild is a clone. She has no idea of this, of course. In her mind, she was raised in a comfortable urban home by Alex Fairchild, a concrete man from Iowa.

In reality, Caitlin is CAIT 13- Combat Application, Identity Template, Serial #13. The latest in a line of cloned versions of the original Caitlin. Derived from Alex Fairchild's genetic template, she was a wildcard experiment- the goal to produce a repeatable instance of a soldier derived from Alex's genetic code. Each generation had successive refinements and adjustments made. Each generation, Alex's memories were altered to accommodate her.

It was when Alex started noticing holes in the contrived story that Stormwatch had given him that it started to fall apart. He took his longtime friend, Slade Wilson, along with Team 7, to the location where Stormwatch was making the CAIT series. There, Caitlin was waiting- his Caitlin. Augmented. Modified. Fully in control of her powers. And absolutely under the control of Stormwatch. The battle was brutal and bloody, and when it was done, Alex was
presumed dead, the laboratory destroyed, and Team 7 withdrawing in shambles.

But Slade fulfilled one objective- a promise to a friend. Finding the last line of CAIT clones decanted and being programmed with a lifetime of memories and experiences, Slade hauled her from the wreckage, dragging along a sled of what little equipment he could salvage. Storing her safely, he returned later with his close friend William Wintergreen. In perhaps one of the major truely altruistic moments of his life, Slade set Caitlin up with the life of a seventeen year old girl, also aided by William's son, Peabody. Only the three of them knew the truth. The two Wintergreens contrived a simulation using Alex's face and voice, William's presence and memories, and Peabody's programming skills, to create a memory of a life— a happy one— for Caitlin.

Slade set up a trust and a scholarship fund, and appointed William as her guardian and executor. Finishing Caitlin's social immersion with a year of 'real' high school, she
found herself to be gawky, awkward, and shyly uncertain of her role in life, as well as questioning her appearance. It led to some self esteem issues… but she focused on becoming an exceptional student. She was quickly accepted to Columbia, financed by Slade's anonymous generosity. For a time, it seemed like they'd successfully saved Caitlin from the threat of Stormwatch's genetic taint.

It was in her first year of college that 'the incident' occurred. A Stormwatch operative who'd discovered Caitlin had begun slipping her drugs designed to trigger her latent genetic wildcard. She discovered and confronted him, and during the struggle her gifts manifested. She exploded into an Amazonian superhuman in a moment.

Caitlin moonlighted as a hero while finishing a double-major at Columbia in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Upon graduation, she was notified by THINK that her thesis project had gained her an application for a paid internship, a position she happily accepted shortly thereafter. Her first job out of college was working with Howard Stark in THINK, along with several brilliant other scientists. After a while her work led her to developing a new robotic actuator that received a great deal of attention in limited engineering circles. This has led to employment with The Baxter Institute, where Caitlin is a researcher and engineer under the direct employ of Dr. Reed Richards. Following most of a year with the Baxter Institute, Caitlin was offered a job with Starr Labs by Karen Starr, aka Power Girl. During this same time period, she was taken in under Carol Danver's mentorship as a hero-in-training, and eventually inducted into the Justice League, first as a reservist, and now as a full-time member.


Character Details

Caitlin's the sort of person who just doesn't understand why everyone can't be friends. Formerly a bit withdrawn and shy, she's grown into herself over a year of superheroing; she's gregarious and quick to find humor in things, though wary of strangers. Passionate about her work, she's also thoughtful, intelligent, and honest to the point of being painful— when not completely oblivious about some of the nuances of social interaction.


Image Name Relation Information
Carol Danvers Mentor Carol was one of Caitlin's idols growing up, so becoming a Real Damn Hero who gets to work alongside Captain Marvel was a lifelong dream for Caitlin to begin with. Gaining Carol as her mentor— and role model— has only served to bolster Caitlin's self-confidence. [Holding Out for a Hero, Bonnie Tyler (ReinXeed)]
Diana Prince Team Leader Diana is a paragon of everything Caitlin wants to be— strong, smart, confident, and wise. It's a tall order, but it's hard not to want to be a better person around Wonder Woman. [| Eye of the Tiger, Survivor]
Power Girl Employer Karen Starr is Caitlin's new boss and her direct employer at Starr Labs. In their 'other life', Caitlin views Power Girl as one of her role models in the Justice League.
Scarlet Witch Friend Wanda and Caitlin met when they were both very new to a swiftly too-big world. Gingers have to stick together, and they've remained friends for quite some time.
Lady Sif Tutor Sif has taken Caitlin under her wing to teach her the ways of Asgardian martial arts. In return, Caitlin is teaching Sif a little about life on Midgard. [Knights of Cydonia, Muse]
Six Ally Six reached out to Caitlin for help, and to find a little connection to her lost humanity. [If I Only Had A Heart, Wizard of Oz]
Captain America Beefcake During her stint in the Avengers, Captain America taught Caitlin a great deal about what it takes to be a hero, in terms of skills and willpower, and the importance of always standing up for right and wrong. [The US Army Theme]

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