Portrayed by
Full Name Pavel Viktorovich Mager
Age 26
Height 6' 1"
Build Tall, lean
Eyes White
Hair Blond
Skin White
Factions Cyberforce


Exergy is not well-known by anyone outside Cyberdata. And Pavel Mager is long dead.


Those who know Exergy would say he is reliable and cool-headed. A relatively trustworthy man, for an assassin in the payroll of a power-hungry megacorporation.


Pavel Viktorovich Mager was born in a middle-class family living in the Moscow suburbia around 1991. He vaguely remembers having parents and a maybe having a little sister. Pavel was a bright boy and eventually went to college with a scholarship. When he found out he was a mutant, he kept his abilities secret and after some consideration decided to leave Russia for the USA, thinking mutant rights were somewhat more respected in America. His excellent grades allowed him to find a sponsor to transfer to the prestigious California Institute of Technology. Unfortunately his sponsor was a front company for the Cyberdata Corporation.

Pavel vanished somewhere between Moscow and Los Angeles. About a year later a corpse found in shallow grave near L.A. was identified as him.

Meanwhile the real Pavel was brainwashed, his memory wiped out, had a brainbox implanted in his head and his lungs replaced by powerful capacitors. He became Paul, aka Exergy, an American mercenary pretty happy to serve Cyberdata. First as a recon unit, then as a blaster and sniper, when his eyes were replaced by powerful laser-lens devices fueled by his mutant powers.

A few years later Pauls brainbox malfunctioned when his energy absorption powers were overloaded during a battle. He broke free and escaped, and with Cyberdata chasing him he sought alliance in a few former colleagues that had also escaped years before.

Character Details

Before Cyberdata snatched him Pavel was a rather calm, logical young man. Cyberdata saw no reason to modify a personality that was well-suited for a scout, and later for a sniper. Quite the opposite. Exergy was regarded as having ice in his veins. A quiet, stone cold killer.

That is not longer true. He can still keep up the appearances, he can still feign to be made of ice in a battle, but Pavel is extremely angry deep inside and can barely cope with the realization of what has been done to him. All he has lost. All the people he killed when he had no conscience.

He has lost his balance and to recover it he needs to change. To rebuild himself into something different, new and truly be his own man.


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