Enchantress (Moone)
Portrayed by Cara Delevingne
Full Name June Moone
Age 26
Height 5'8"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Skin Caucasian
Factions Suicide Squad


None to speak of. June's a middlingly-good artist, a decent archaeologist…and has an ancient mystic spirit in her. That last part is very hush-hush by the government.


As Enchantress, a worrysome presence known to the mystic community and the government. As June…a scholarly mostly non-entity.


June was an ordinary college student, majoring in archaeology and history. On her graduation, she started to explore digs around the world. It was on one of these digs that she found ancient statuettes, one of whom held the spirit of an ancient entity that calls itself the Enchantress.

The government and their special task forces became aware of this, and were able to capture the Enchantress' heart, acting as insurance against the dark entity's power. Since that time, she's been forced to act at their behest, releasing the Enchantress for magical support on their black-ops. Her adventures have brought her into contact with the greater magical community, and she's made some friends and allies there.

June finds herself more and more drained each time the Enchantress is called, and she worries that one day she'll be called and June herself will be forever trapped within the evil sorceress. She looks for a way out, but she hasn't found one yet.

Character Details

June is a woman who very much feels as if she's gotten in over her head. From being a simple college student, traveling the world and investigating ancient ruins, she finds herself essentially possessed by an ancient demon queen. And then, just to put the topper on it, she gets black-bagged by the government and drafted into helping them.

Having Enchantress possess her, and being in a prisoner inside her own body, has really traumatized June. In a lot of ways, she's like a PTSD survivor, except that she finds herself forced to relive her own nightmares every time she's forced to let the witch out. Every time she worries it might be the last, and she'll never be free to be herself again.

She finds herself most comfortable among the other member of the mystical community. Many of them, like her, have paid their own price for their power and their experiences, and some of them understand what they're going through.


Image Name Relation Information
TaskmasterUDON.jpg Taskmaster Head Sociopath Seems to be more businesslike than some of the others, which is at least something that can be understood and worked with.
rose-wilson-cosplay-1-e1461186901417.jpg Ravager Crazy Maimed Girl I have no idea how to interact with her. She seems to operate by a weird world view of her own. Makes me nervous.
2d7c7aa94a774255eb81530cf8ed63e7.jpg Harley Quinn Crazy Sister Totally toys-in-the-attic insane…but seems to have at least a little bit of an MPD thing going. Which I can understand and sympathize with. She's nuts, but I like her.
IMG_0249.jpg Regan The Nice One In a group of psychopaths and killers, she seems the most grounded, and honestly the nicest. Good to have SOMEONE here looking out for me.
logan-lerman.jpg Billy Boyfriend! He's nice, and kind of geeky, and he understands me. And he's interested in me for ME. Not what I can do, not what I have inside me. But…how do I stop /her/ from hurting him?

Enchantress' Views (not June's!)

Image Name Relation Information
TaskmasterUDON.jpg The Killer Useful A trained killer, with skills beyond his apparent age. He would make a useful addition, but he cannot be trusted. There is no loyalty in him beyond coin.
rose-wilson-cosplay-1-e1461186901417.jpg The Broken One Minion She hides the pain inside behind a facade. She is willing to participate in the plan, and she will be useful for it. But I have no use for her beyond it.
2d7c7aa94a774255eb81530cf8ed63e7.jpg The Madwoman Harmless Too mad to bargain with. She is like bubbles on water; every moment another rises, bursts, and moves on.
IMG_0249.jpg My Priestess Wise beyond her years She sees what will be and has been wise enough to commit herself completely. She will rule at my side in the world to come.

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