Enchantress (Moone)
Portrayed by Cara Delevingne
Full Name June Moone
Age 27
Height 5'8"
Build Slim
Eyes Blue
Hair Dirty Blonde
Skin Caucasian
Factions Suicide Squad, Occult


Most things break, including hearts. The lessons of life amount not to wisdom, but to scar tissue and callus.


June Moone is not well known, even within the archaeology community, which is precisely how she and the government prefer it. Even when she is on a dig, she (and they) work hard to keep her involvement under wraps. The Enchantress, however, is another matter entirely. An ancient being of immense power, she is well-known, and well-respected (or feared) in the supernatural, mystical, and magical circles. Most would view her as a being of pure evil whose loyalties are to no one but herself, and not to be trusted.


June Moone was, and in many cases, remains a mundane example of humanity. She was born the middle daughter, of a middle-class working family, distinguishing herself only through her quick mind and extreme intelligence. Both of her parents, as well as her older sister and younger brother are still living. Graduating from high school at the age of sixteen, she took an accelerated course of study which saw her completing her PhD in Archaeology and Anthropology by the time she turned 22.

June was eighteen, when during a dig at a new Nahuatlian site, she encountered the spirit that she would eventually come to know as the Enchantress. Initially, June was unaware of the Enchantress residing within her, seeing the entity only in dreams and nightmares, believing her to be nothing more than a bad memory from a painful and exhausting expedition. It would be nearly a year, during which the Enchantress took time to learn about, not only the world into which she had been released, but the woman in which she resided, before she spoke the entity’s name, and transformed into the Enchantress for the first time.

In the near decade since the two women have been joined, June and the Enchantress have performed good deeds and ill, working with a number of metahuman and super-powered teams. Most often, they've found themselves placed in the ‘villain’ box, and why not? The Enchantress is, quite literally, malevolence incarnate, according to nearly everyone who’s met her. Indeed, if she does good, it seems either under duress, or only to further her own ends.

Currently, the two women are considered members of the Suicide Squad, under the control of the Department of Extranormal Operations (DEO), and working at the behest of Amanda Waller.

Character Details


June Moone is a woman perpetually at war with herself. She and the Enchantress have been battling for control of their shared body for the better part of a decade, and the scars are beginning to show. June struggles to find some semblance of normalcy in her life, some way to ground herself in the real. Knowing how often she has to give over control, how frequently she's forced to be a prisoner in her own body, she strives to savour every moment of her freedom, the sweet as well as the bitter. Though even that has begun to fracture, as she sees more and more of her life overtaken by the will of others. How long before she can no longer find her way back to the real? How long before she can taste only ashes? Gone is the hopefulness of youth. In its place is a woman hardened by battle, by pain, by the ever-present fear that the next time she gives over control to the demon within her, it will be the last time.

The Enchantress, an ancient, powerful, and malevolent being is…as she has always been. Angry, avaricious, duplicitous, conniving, evil. Though that word, evil, means little to her. She is power and dominion. She is. That is all. And she looks forward, always, to the day when she can break the bond that exists between herself and her human host and finally achieve her ascendancy. She serves those who have enslaved her because she must, and every day plans her retribution on a world which has not given her her due.


Song of the Moment


This is a new player as of April 2018. All prior RP will either be modified or retconned, as it suits this new iteration of Enchantress. Please page me in game so that we can work out any changes or flesh out new and/or established relationships.

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