Enchantress (Amora)
Portrayed by
Full Name Amora the Enchantress
Age 27 (Immortal)
Height 6'3
Build Tall and Curvy
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde
Skin Caucasian
Factions Asgardian, Occult


The Goddess of Beauty


Amora has a great and terrible reputation. For both her beauty and her magic. And her treachery. She has been heralded as the most beautiful woman to ever live or exist in all the Nine Realms. She has had countless lovers and those of weaker wills fall at her feet at the mere sight of her. She is loved and desired by a great many for her beauty alone.

But her reputation tarnished because of her actions, often in conjunction with her great magical skills, and her quest for power. She is not to be trusted, for she will always be plotting some new scheme to gain more power.


Amora grew up as a noble Asgardian woman should, being trained in the magical arts at school and eventually become Karnilla the Norn Queen's apprentice. While she had a younger sister, she didn't seem too troubled about being there for her younger sibling. Much less making sure Lorelei was taken care of. Rather, Amora continued her pursuit for power. She was a gifted student and it quickly became apparent, one of the best of her generation.

It was at this point in time that Amora ran into Loki, and from afar, developed quite the infatuation with Thor—starting her centuries long desire for gaining Thor's affections. This would eventually lead to her and Loki's 'friendship'. Yet nothing further ever worked out between the two, as both were too alike to truly trust one another.

Eventually, Amora left (or was expelled) from Karnilla's teachings. As a result she left Asgard and took to seducing powerful sorcerers across the Nine realms to steal their secrets. As she grew older, her power and knowledge only grew, leading to her gaining the title 'The Enchantress' or the less flattering, 'Witch of Asgard'.

Throughout the centuries she has put her hand into Midgard's history, before she got bored or something else captured her fancy. Which is often how the tales of Freya, Idun, or other goddesses came to be connected to her.

She has always schemed ways to gain more power, or to gain some sort of affection from the heir-apparent and has had mixed results. While some of her methods are frowned upon, a few even leading to her exile a few times, she always somehow, repents. Either her charms, or her actions seem to always lead her back to Asgard in short order.

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Character Details

Amora is oddly childish and immature for her age. She will obsess over a perceived slight or insult for years, or until she is properly 'avenged'. She is callous and cold toward most others, uncaring about who she steps on or uses in her plots. She is a proud, vain, woman. With an arrogance that is hard to match. Yet when all is said and done she is intelligent and perfectly capable of creating subtle, long lasting schemes.

When given a chance, rare as is it, she can be incredibly warm, loyal, and loving. Though it is incredibly rare for her to ever display such traits openly to anyone.


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