Enchantress (Amora)
Portrayed by Sól Spydsdóttir - Amora / Maria Brink - Helen
Full Name Amora
Age 28 (Ageless)
Height 6'3
Build Lithe, Athletic
Eyes Jade
Hair Blonde/Silver
Skin Flawless
Factions Occult Asgardian

Claim to Fame

In Asgard, Enchantress is known to be a formidable enemy, a foe, and an adversary if you stand in her way.

In Midgard…. She is working her way in, like a serpent in the Garden of A Different Eden.


All the power you desire is inside you. Just let it out… and smash all those you hate!


Amora was born of an unknown parentage, but she was not alone in that as she had a sister as well that split paths from her when she went under the tutelage of Karnilla once her abilities began to show, and this way, they could grow.

This was the first show and sign that Amora had ambition and drive, her growth and power heading towards peak at rates that became worrisom, even to the Norn Queen herself as they seemed to lack discipline and direction due to Amora's desires for immense growth.

… Eventually she took the name of Enchantress upon adulthood, and with it her expulsion from Karnilla's tutelage.

That did not stop Enchantress, it only reinforced her desire to learn more and grow, finding other Asgardian Mages and using her honed ability of manipulation to take and take until there was nothing left to learn or know, casting them aside to move on to the next. This alone made her famous, and yet infamous in the Realm of Asgard.

In much of her time, Enchantress was known for gathering pawns, playing them along the checkered path of her schemes and leaving them only to wonder if anything was ever real, though in those passing times Enchantress has made herself a name in being a Thorn in the sides of many in Asgard, or an ally that brings wariness, but as several of those whom she has set designs upon have descended to Midgard - So does The Enchantress.

…Sowing Seeds,

urging them to (her) growth.

Character Details

Amora is the sum of many things to smash it all into a pretty little word: Driven.

From the beginning, even her and her teacher that was a guiding hand saw that Enchantress was not going to stop until she was at the top. Cut off from one this just opened doors for Amora to seek them all! And that she did, using her wiles and ways to gain the information and teachings she needed.

…This still has not stopped.

Amora knows when to hold 'em, knows when to fold 'em, and walk away, but this always forces a blow to her ego and the vengeful streak - She will be back. She will keep her promises, especially when it ultimately benefits her.

Knowedge is Power…

Power is Seduction…

…Just close your eyes and make a wish.


Image Name Relation Information
cm-shield.jpg Thor The Prince He may have a piece of my heart - But one I can do without.
cm-shield.jpg Loki The Trickster On again/Off again fellow Plot of Demiser.
Malcolm-Lindberg-UP1602-1000x1333.jpg Lars-son The Plan Mechanisms are ever turning, plans are ever unfolding. You may have been born on Midgard, but Asgard… Your Rite has just begun.

The Vanity - Enchantress of Asgard

The Petite - Helen Eve of Midgard

++The Tune

RP Logs & Journals

September 20, 2017: Enchanting Encounters: Part 1

A disguised Enchantress checks in on Brightwind and Dani.

(permalink: log:6260 | tags: enchantress-amora moonstar | posted: 20 Sep 2017 14:40)

August 22, 2017: Coming to Amerika/Xavier's

(IC date is 08262017, post-Genosha return)
Mattias' time in Midgard once again is limited by Amora (Helen), who brings him his parents and keeps her guise for the temporary stay in Xavier's.

(permalink: log:6173 | tags: asgard enchantress-amora siege | posted: 22 Aug 2017 22:01)

June 03, 2017: Finding The Roots Pt. 3

Amora and Annika have a 'Come to Odin' moment, and barriers are cast. (Emits by Siege.)

(permalink: log:6154 | tags: asgard enchantress-amora siege | posted: 18 Aug 2017 03:03)

June 01, 2017: Finding The Roots Pt. 2

Malekith makes an offer Amora could refuse, making a bold move that lays groundwork for a very difficult future for herself and Mattias.

(permalink: log:6150 | tags: asgard enchantress-amora malekith siege | posted: 16 Aug 2017 18:37)

June 01, 2017: Finding The Roots Pt. 1

Enchantress sends Mattias back to Midgard to solve a riddle and find pieces of… To be determined. ( A scene that took place following http://cmbeta.wikidot.com/log:6138 )

(permalink: log:6147 | tags: asgard enchantress-amora malekith siege | posted: 16 Aug 2017 00:06)

May 17, 2017: The Hunt of the Bersekir

Mattias is on his first true path to claim his place in Asgard under the drive of Enchantress.

(permalink: log:6138 | tags: asgard enchantress-amora malekith siege | posted: 12 Aug 2017 02:44)

May 05, 2017: Blurred Line

Amora has a moment of pause… Due to a Lantern.

(permalink: log:5890 | tags: enchantress-amora glh | posted: 03 Jun 2017 06:46)

May 14, 2017: The Cleansing Pt. 2

In Asgard, Siege is sent on his first of many challenges.

(permalink: log:6031 | tags: asgard enchantress-amora siege | posted: 03 Jul 2017 04:06)

May 13, 2017: The Cleansing (Part 1)

After Mattias suffers his burðar-dagr in an Asgardian Mead Hall during celebration, Amora let's on that he is not done.

Severance from Midgard is many Rites away.

(permalink: log:5993 | tags: asgardian enchantress-amora siege | posted: 22 Jun 2017 02:12)

May 11, 2017: Cognitive Dissonance

Let the Kraka begin…

Asgardian Mead Hall, with a belated Rite..((Post - http://cmbeta.wikidot.com/log:5797 ))

(permalink: log:5798 | tags: asgard enchantress-amora siege | posted: 16 May 2017 20:39)

May 04, 2017: Deeper Designs

Mattias is still crawling his way through his birthday celebration, and finds answers to questions…

That bring more questions and an answer he was not expecting in the form of The Enchantress.

(permalink: log:5797 | tags: asgard enchantress-amora siege | posted: 16 May 2017 02:39)

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