Portrayed by Noomi Rapace
Full Name Istriel Milkmane
Age 225
Height 5'4"
Build Slender
Eyes Pale Blue
Hair White
Skin Very Pale


An Elf. On Midgard.


Known as an outlaw in the Nine Realms for consorting with Unnatural forces, Istriel has no reputation on Midgard. Other than, you know. Looking like an elf.


Istriel was born on Alfheim. Istriel had a father who would never lie to her. Istriel was safe.

All lies.

They came for her in the middle of the night. Charged with conspiring with Unnatural Forces, they took her from her dorm in the School for the Arcane Arts and brought her before the Council of Nine. There she stood in judgement, while her father stood in peril. He was the Senator to the Congress of Worlds, a man of great importance, and to at least one a lifelong enemy who needed to fall. Istriel would be the instrument of his destruction.

When tested for purity of blood, to see if she had used magic to alter her form as the Nilkanian Cultists might, she was found to be not wholly an Elf. It was impossible, but a ploy meant to draw her father into telling the truth: That once he found love on Midgard with a woman who was an ally to Alfheim. A woman who helped destroy Nilkath the Unbound himself. But this would not matter to them. It would be a blight on their house, on their family, and his enemies would see him removed for the scandal and his daughter tossed in a dungeon below the Evermark.

Allowed only to speak with her father long enough to learn the truth, she told begged him to disown her as a cultist of their long dead enemy, to cast her aside as an exile so that he might continue his work and clear their name. While Ilum Milkmane balked at the idea, Istriel planned her escape. While they had fitted her with a collar to prevent magics of all kind, her ability to create objects from the Feywild yet remained. Even she did not know how or why, but it allowed her to break her bonds and escape her prison with little more than the clothes on her back and a scrap of paper from her father: The birth certificate that told her who she was on Midgard. That her mother was named Ellen Wood, and that Ellen had named her baby girl Natalie.

Calling upon power she could not hope to contain by using the Gem of Worlds in the Trispire itself, Istriel fled to Midgard, hopeful the bounty hunters in pursuit would not find her on such a primitive place.

Character Details

Anachronistic in a way, polite to a fault, and dedicated to the kind of good that only gets talked about in fairy tells. Istriel can seem distant in mixed company, but always earnest, if possessed with a sort of common sense that is not at all common to Midgard.


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