Edwin Jarvis
Mr. Fancy
Portrayed by James D'Arcy
Full Name Edwin Jarvis
Age 40 (107)
Height 6'3"
Build Lean
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Skin Fair


Howard Stark's butler. Served the Stark family for years and should have died as quite an elderly man over a decade ago. He's looking good for his age.


Howard Stark's butler. Served the Stark family for years and should have died as quite an elderly man over a decade ago. He's looking good for his age.


Edwin Jarvis came from a respectable family if not a highly-placed one. He was born into service: his father was a manservant, his mother a cook, and the entire family worked for a wealthy aristocratic family. He was used to service and took a quiet pride in his work and in his family's place. He never forgot the words of the era, though: that the greatest distinction was service to others.

It was that he had in mind when he signed up for the Army, but the end result was not to make him an infantryman: he was assigned to be the aide to a general — specifically, a general related to a friend of the family he'd served. It kept him largely out of danger, but he nevertheless saw a great deal in his time there.

The dishonourable discharge was a bit of a blow, though. The treason charge was dropped, but the general's wrath when Jarvis went behind his back to do what he thought was right rather than what the general had wanted put a permanent stain on Jarvis's career. However, Howard Stark, who had been impressed with Jarvis and who had always got along with him, smoothed over the worst of the charges and brought the young man — and his young wife, Anna — to America with him.

Edwin Jarvis served Stark most faithfully after that. He and his wife lived in quite a lovely servant's house adjacent to Howard's New York manor, and he spent what time he could with her. Much of his time, however, was spent working for Howard Stark.

This didn't stop when Mr. Stark and Miss Peggy Carter founded SHIELD, either. He was essential to assisting in the day-to-day operations of the organization, ensuring the agents could spend their time being agents. And if there were one or two occasions when he had to get his gloves dirty; well, that was all part of the job.

To this day, Jarvis isn't entirely certain what happened. One of Mr. Stark's inventions went rather awry, and he and Ms. Carter found themselves in the present day. It's not clear how they will get back — or if they will get back — and neither he nor Ms. Carter are best pleased about this…

Character Details

Edwin Jarvis is mostly soft-spoken. A gentle, kind man — at least for the most part — he is generous, dutiful, honest, and honourable. He's also loyal to a fault when it comes to the Starks. He's immensely brave and has very much the personality of many Englishmen who survived World War II: steadfast, optimistic, and committed to service.


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