Donna Troy
Donna Troy
Portrayed by Adriana Lima
Full Name Donna Troy
Age 32 (?)
Height 5'9"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Skin Tanned
Factions Dimensional Being, Justice League, Occult


"We didn't choose to be what we are. And it could be argued that this life chose us. We live it. With all its changes and challenges. Obstacles. Disappointments. Failures. Its successes. Its joys. I have no idea where I'm going to be tomorrow. But I accept the fact that tomorrow will come. And I'm going to rise to meet it."


Donna’s reputation shifts and changes depending on the universe she happens to be living in, and whether or not she encounters someone who might have known her in another incarnation. In most of her incarnations, she’s been a known superheroine, but the names she’s used have been many and varied. Wonder Girl, Darkstar, Goddess of the Moon, Wonder Woman, Troia, Princess Donna, Donna Prince. The list goes on and on. And there are as many universes where she’s been a force for evil as a force for good. In this current universe, she’s known as a champion of the light, a stabilizing force, and the guardian of the Universe Orb. She never knows, from person to person, universe to universe, how others will react to her.


Although there are as many origin stories for Donna Troy, universe to universe, as she has incarnations, this particular iteration of Donna was not born, but made. Her body was formed from clay, her life granted to her when Magala, a wise women of the Amazons, used a mirror of her own devising to steal a fragment of the soul of Diana, daughter of Hippolyta. That soul fragment was placed inside of the clay figure, breathing life into it and creating, not a simulacrum of Diana, but a new being with her own mind and personality. She had been intended as a friend and helpmate for Diana, as there were no other children at that time on Themyscira. The two girls, neither of them knowing anything of Donna’s true origins, enjoyed half a dozen years of laughter and friendship, before tragedy struck.

Believing Donna to be Diana, a being known as Dark Angel, an ancient enemy of Hippolyta, stole the girl from Themyscira. It had been her intention to corrupt and warp the girl, to turn her to evil, but when Dark Angel realized that Donna was not the one she had sought, she took out her anger and outrage on the girl, twisting the girl’s immortality, cursing her to live a thousand, thousand lives, never to know joy without sorrow, never to know happiness without pain, always to die in tragedy, only to be reborn into herself again. And with each rebirth, the girl would take all the memories of her previous life with her, never to rest or to know peace.

Donna was barely a woman grown, when Dark Angel scattered the multitude of incarnations of her through the multiverse, and as time passed, and lives were won and lost, she soon lost hold of the thread of the knowledge of her own reality and true origins. There were simply too many of her, too many memories, too many births, too many deaths, for her to keep a hold of herself. What she never lost, however, was that spark of light and goodness which Diana’s soul has imbued in her, and in her many long years, she would find herself fighting always on the side of good, of light, of right. What darkness lived within her, which, in other incarnations might have grown to destructive ends, she managed to keep in check, striving always, though she no longer remembered the why of it, to live in the memory of she in whose image she had been made.

She would in time, meet Dark Angel again, though this time, she was no longer the innocent she had been. Dark Angel, who had assumed her role as the Harbinger of the Anti-Monitor, a being of great power and inestimable evil, revealed a devastating truth to Donna. She was, herself, an incarnation of Donna Troy, perhaps one of the first, turned to darkness and evil. And the worst part of that truth was this: that Donna could feel the seed of that evil inside of her. Had known that it was always there. And to be faced with this living embodiment of everything she might become…

The two women went to battle, one against the other. And in the end, it was Donna, with the assistance of the Monitor and his Harbinger, who would banish, if only for the time being, Dark Angel. And perhaps there was some spark of hope in the moment, as the Harbinger, sensing the strength, the good within Donna, chose her to become the custodian and guardian of the Universe Orb, the artifact in which all the stories of all the universes were recorded. Where Dark Angel had intended only a curse, the Harbinger offered hope, as she charged Donna to travel the multiverse, to study, to record, to, when it was necessary, direct the flow of events to insure that history would continue as it was intended.

Character Details


Donna Troy is a woman adrift in the multiverse. She’s been so many versions of herself now, that even she isn’t sure which of the Donna Troys she remembers is the one she was born. She has eidetic recall of every moment of every life she’s ever lived, every love she’s ever lost, every death she’s ever endured. Too well she knows that one day, this incarnation too, will meet its end. And then she’ll be Donna Troy all over again. Donna has no idea how many other versions of herself are out there. She knows them only at the moment of their death, when their memories become her memories. The curse laid upon her, never to rest, always to end in tragedy has truly become so. Only the Universe Orb keeps her going now. It gives her purpose, it anchors her in reality, and perhaps most importantly, it offers some comfort in this, the long, dark night of her soul.


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