Portrayed by Zazie Beetz
Full Name Neena Thurman
Age 30
Height 5'8"
Build Athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Skin Brown with patches of vitiligo



Domino is a mercenary best known for surviving missions that no ordinary woman could and happily asking for more. Most of her work is intensely, violently illegal, but she's been known to work alongside more heroic sorts if the situation calls for it— and to take work well below her pay grade if it's for someone who really needs her.


After nearly a decade of attempts, the covert US-government lab codenamed Project Armageddon managed to produce a single viable candidate for weaponization, a girl named Neena; the Project's researchers took to calling her 'Domino' due to the white patch around her eye and the succession of failures leading to her birth. Designed to produce a living weapon with the ability to single-handedly end a civilization via artificial insemination and a compliant mutant mother, Armageddon's previous candidates failed due to their lack of either a functional X-Gene or the constitution to survive its rigorous testing processes.

Neena's good fortune earned her several years of excruciating tests and training regiments until she reached the age of ten and the Project decided that - survival or no - her power was too passive, too subtle, and too small in scale to support single-handed genocide. Rather than simply dispose of her, the Project made arrangements to trade her to a small mutant reform program in Chicago in exchange for a couple of its most unruly 'students', to be used for furthing the Project's research. She spent the next seven years being subjected to physical and psychological torture - this time, with a religious tint - by the staff of the Essex House for Mutant Rehabilitation, only to escape with a handful of her fellow detainees during the fortuitous intersection of a blackout and a shift change.

On the streets of Chicago, she survived on petty theft and odd jobs for a while before getting her hands on a discarded gun and graduating to sticking up drug dealers. Her upbringing made the premise of committing crimes - embracing her sinful powers - to get by shameful and liberating all at once as she finally began to get a taste of what it was to be free. Being generous with her earnings helped to mitigate the shame, which was fortunate: she certainly didn't intend to give up her exciting new non-detained life, even if a few businesses/other criminals had to get ripped off to support it.

Eventually, local gangs began to seek her out to disrupt their competition or provide protection, allowing her to take her first steps into what would become a career. In an effort to keep her alma matter off of her trail - and boost her cred in the gun-for-hire world - she took to blending patches of unpigmented skin into a full body disguise of sorts and using her old Armageddon nickname as a callsign. Even after the fear of being found by a sadistic reform school faded, a desire to maintain a consistent brand meant spending quite a bit of time in 'costume' when interacting with clients, contacts, and fellow mercs.

The basic training she received during the Project, falling in with other soldiers of fortune willing to help her expand her skills, and more than a dash of luck enabled her to grow from local muscle to a globe-trotting mercenary over the years that followed. Along the way, she found(and lost) a husband after falling for one of her clients, and learned far more than she ever could have wanted about the government-sponsored abomination that spawned her. The compulsion to share some of her money - and time, and talents - with those who need it more than she does lingers, but rather than shame, it's driven by a sense of responsibility towards people who need a hand to help them out of dire circumstances— and more than a hint of survivor's guilt.

Character Details

Domino generally carries herself with the easygoing, care-free demeanor of a woman who knows with utmost certainty that things will probably turn out alright for her, in the long run. Getting to that point took many years of struggling through self-loathing and shame thanks to a childhood spent being either experimented on or brutally indoctrinated by anti-mutant zealots. The brutality of her upbringing left her willing to do just about anything to survive, so once she was free of those zealots - of anyone inclined towards exploiting her - falling on criminal/mercenary work to scrape out a living was a natural enough move.

Unlike some of her peers, she can be a bit picky about taking jobs with a high likelihood of requiring her to hurt people who can't reasonably be construed as 'deserving it'. She doesn't necessarily have an issue with taking work from shady businesspeople and known criminals, as long as the jobs themselves don't set off any moral alarms. She doesn't feel that she has any real imperative, or even capacity to stop crime or wrongdoing on a macro level, so as long as she can live with whatever specific actions she might be hired to take on behalf of such people, taking dirty money isn't much of a quandary. She's more inclined to donate some of it to charity and keep her eyes and ears open for people who need someone to stick up for them, and has been known to blow up perfectly good jobs over trying to do the right thing by perceived innocents— /especially/ when they're children.

She's a very private woman, and - makeup or no makeup - she tends to insist on simply being called 'Domino' whether she's in the field or not. Friends and allies might get one alias or another, with 'Beatrice' or some variation thereof being common; she only shares her real name with her closest confidants.


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RP Logs & Journals

September 29, 2018: Staten Island Showdown

In A World…
Where Demons. Are. Real.
Miscreants. Misguided Assholes. Mercenaries. On Again, Off Again Hydra Agents. AND MORE.
Band Together.
To Kick. Some. ASS.

That's right. I wanted to give a chance for us Bad People, Anti-Heroes, Straight Up VCs… anybody that would be in and around Staten Island / Sister Margaret's School of Wayward Children the opportunity to let loose upon these evil creatures of demonic Infernodom! We're talkin' no pulled punches. We're talkin' violence. We're talkin' strong language. We're talkin' R rating.

Let's show these "heroes" how we do @(&* on the island.

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August 31, 2018: Random Acts of Violence - 001

Previously, on Random Acts of Violence…


Wait. This is the first episode. There is no Previously On, segment. Hold on, let me turn down Smallville…

Okay! So! Welcome to Random Acts of Violence, everyone! YOUR one stop shop for all the action, adventure and comedic timing that Zod's Perfect Idiot can muster up on two days notice! Anyway, as you'll be able to see from the Info button on your remote control, (see what I did there?) is going to be a CoMUX series of antics run by moi-face for fun and funner things that may or may not have a DEEPER MEANING. You'll just have to bleed between the lines to find out.

Anyway, come on down if you want to have a death. I mean, ball! If you want to have a ball! Heh… heheh. Right!

Pop Culture Reference Hint: "If they told you wolverines would make good house pets, would you believe them?"

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July 22, 2018: Spooky Urban Legends

A vigilante and a mercenary's very different approaches to pumping a mid-level crook for information about the Hell's Kitchen bombings intersect.

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July 17, 2018: First Labor Part 2: Back 2 Labor

Angela, having located the pelt of the Nemean lion and secured the assistance of a witch, escorts Hercules to reclaim his property. It turns out were-lions exist.

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June 29, 2018: Blowin' Up the Kitchen: Part 2

Hell's Kitchen erupts into fire and fury under the assault of one of the largest mass bombings in New York's history. Here's the story of the heroes who were right in the middle of the kitchen.

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June 29, 2018: Somethin' Smells Funny in the Kitchen

A group of heroes get wise to a bomb threat at a public school. Will they be able to stop the blast in time? And…is it the only one?

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March 24, 2018: Find the Red Cat

A job interview in the Hellhouse leads to a work in Brazil for Domino and Grifter.

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February 15, 2018: Get to the Choppah

Still in Madripoor the Black Widow gets unlikely saviors

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