Doctor Venom
Doctor Vemon
Portrayed by Michael Emerson
Full Name Archibald Monev
Age Late 50s
Height 5'8"
Build Slim
Skin Caucasian
Factions [Forthcoming]


Cross my path and I'll poison your body and your mind.



Dr. Archibald "Venom" Monev is a brilliant inventor and scientist who specializes in Mind Control Research. His specialty areas are biology and botany (in which he is world renowned).

Monev is banned from practicing in the United States of America and is internationally shunned by the scientific community.

Calling himself Doctor Venom now he works as a Cobra technician and scientist. They fund his illegal experiments and keep him well supplied.

Doctor Venom is instrumental in the creation of the CC-CV1 compound otherwise known as "Snakebite" (alongside Hugo Strange and Poison Ivy).

Venom has an unrequited love for Pamela Isley.

Monev was born in Brooklyn, New York.

Doctor Venom is a wanted criminal SHIELD and Interpol have him listed for apprehension.

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