Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange
Portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch
Full Name Stephen Vincent Strange
Age 40 (85)
Height 6' 2"
Build Tall, wiry
Eyes Grey
Hair Black (greying)
Skin Caucasian
Factions Justice League


Dr. Strange is famous only among supernatural circles. For most people he is an eccentric at best, and a lunatic at worst.


Dr. Strange is an example and champion for most human sorcerers, a respected magician in most supernatural circles, and a dire enemy and target for most mystical would be conquerors and the demon lords.


*Born in 1930, eldest of three children in a upper middle class family.
*A brilliant young man, he studied medicine and became an exceptionally talented surgeon.
*With success came wealth, and Stephen became rich, proud and selfish.
*At 30 a traffic accident damaged his hands nerves, robbing him of his surgeon skills.
*Spent a fortune the following years trying to heal his hands, but everything failed.
*He was lured to Tibet by the rumors of an "Ancient One" that could heal any ailment, during the trip he is subject to several trials of will, virtue and determination.
*Stephen met the Ancient One, the Supreme Sorcerer, confronted with the supernatural he is shaken, but overcomes his fear and warns the Ancient One of a conspiracy against his life, passing the final test.
*He begins training in magic, showing prodigious talent and quickly advanced far beyond all the other apprentices, threatening Karl Mordo's position as the Ancient One's right hand.
*Consumed by jealously, Mordo betrays the Ancient One to Dormammu, but Strange defeats him.
*Achieving the high station of Master, Stephen concludes his apprenticeship in barely six years and returns to America.
*Stephen finds an enchanted house in Greenwich Village, placed in a nexus of mystical power. He cleanses the evil spirits of the area and makes the magical building his residence.
*The next few years Dr. Strange fights numerous supernatural threats, becoming fairly famous in mystical circles as heir-apparent to the Ancient One.
*Upon proving his courage and wisdom to an avatar of Death, Strange earns the gift of unaging, essentially becoming immortal.
*The Many-Angled One Suma-Gorath attacks the Earth, and the mystical defenders of the world rally behind the Ancient One. The struggle lasts for months and many magical-oriented heroes die. Finally the Ancient One closes the path to Earth to the super-demon, but at the cost of his own life.
*Dr. Strange takes the title and responsibility of Supreme Sorcerer. Immediately he comes under the attack a seemingly endless roster of rival sorcerers and extra-dimensional would-be conquerors that seek to take his position or invade the Earth. Strange defeats them all, proving his worth again and again. So begins his long-lasting rivalry with Baron Mordo, the Dreaded Dromammu (Lord of the Dark Dimension) and the demon Nightmare, among others.
*Summoned for the Trial of Battle at the Temple of the Three, Dr. Strange emerges as the best sorcerer of Earth and the Vishanti confirm him as Supreme Sorcerer and their champion in front of all the other Masters convoked.
*During the last few years Dr. Strange has protected the world from his Sancta Sanctorum in New York. In his 80s now, he is still considered very young by most of the great powers of magic, and he faces constant challenges by those that believe him unfit for his exalted station. But most human sorcerers have learned to respect his power and wisdom.

Character Details

Magic is an art, not a science, and Stephen Strange is a master artist. To understand him one must understand magic is not just something he does. Magic is something he loves, he lives for and he is addicted to, and that inspires his creative spirit to achieve the impossible every day.

But Strange is also a soldier. He is an agent of the Vishanti. He signed up in the army of "white magic" and is committed to defend the Earth and the whole universe of those who would consume it or enslave its inhabitants. This is a huge responsibility that often weighs heavily on his shoulders.

A man of less conviction and willpower would break under the pressure. Not Strange. Despite the odd episode of doubt and fear, he perseveres. He has a will of iron, and the arrogance to think he, a mere mortal, can confront demons and gods older than humankind and beat them. And beat them again and again, is what he does. He is indeed both arrogant and prideful, for good reasons, and although decades of experience and more than one crushing defeat have given him a good deal of wisdom and enlightenment, this arrogance sometimes shows off.


RP Logs & Journals

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