Doctor Fate
Doctor Fate
Portrayed by Oded Fehr (Fate), Lance Henriksen (Hall)
Full Name Hector Hall
Age 60
Height 6'2"
Build Tall and lean
Eyes Blue
Hair White
Skin Dusky
Factions SHIELD, Occult


He is Doctor Fate, the Chosen of Nabu, and has formerly been other heroes, such as the Silver Scarab and the Sandman, in days gone by. To a few, he would be known as the re-incarnated son of Hawkman and Hawkgirl.


There have been many 'Doctor Fates' over time, and they are known as champions of Balance, 'sentinels of magic' and so on. Hector shares in that reputation. Furthermore, he is known as an experienced, amateur archaeologist, gifted engineer, former crime-fighter, and a powerful sorcerer.


Hector Hall comes from a gifted — and cursed — family line. He is the son of Carter and Shiera Hall (also known as Hawkman and Hawkgirl), and shares in the same curse of reincarnation as his parents. He has already lived other lives in the Past, dying and being reborn, again and again.

Each time Hector has been reborn he has been drawn to the same things: studying the Past (hence, his interest in archaeology), studying magic, engineering, and fighting Darkness in all its forms. At first, he is unaware of his previous lives, but he inevitably goes through an 'Emerging' in which his memories return.

This time, the process happened a little differently. Shortly after Hector was born (mere days), the current Doctor Fate (not Kent Nelson) died, making it necessary for another to replace him. The babe was chosen by Nabu, the wizard whose soul resides in the Helmet of Fate, to take on the mantle. In the midst of a heated battle between other heroes (and an arch villain, Mordru) for the infant Hector's life, he was held up to the Helmet of Fate…

And transformed.

Hector Hall, a newborn infant one moment, became a man in his early 60s — with all the memories of his previous lives, all his knowledge and skills (including magic) and now the power of Fate himself. It was not without cost.

For a start, Hector Hall had been married once before — to an Amazonian woman named Hippolyta, or Lyta for short — and he missed her terribly. She had been pregnant with their son, Daniel, when Hector had died in his last incarnation — a double-loss on his part; he never had the chance to really get to know his son.

Hall involved himself with SHIELD (primarily as a consultant, with WAND), to better guard humanity, to avoid 'official' interference — and monitor his sanity levels — and immediately set about protecting the balance between Order and Chaos, like all who had worn the Helmet of Fate before him…

Character Details

Hector Hall and Doctor Fate are two different personas.

When he is not wearing the helm, Hector's humanity shows through much more — such as his love for people — but so does the ever-growing insanity he suffers from being Doctor Fate. He has a tendency to be erratic in his behaviour, often mumbling, even on a 'good day'. His real passion (aside from helping people) is knowledge, history, recovering that which has been lost.

As Doctor Fate, he tends to focus more on the 'big picture' and displays a level of confidence bordering on arrogance. Fate is very much a 'needs of the many' kind of person, and sometimes it will not be 'Hector Hall/Doctor Fate' at all that people experience when meeting him… it will be Nabu himself.


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