Portrayed by Joe Manganiello
Full Name Slade Wilson
Age 60
Height 6'4"
Build Linebacker Sized
Eyes Blue
Hair White


One of the world's greatest assassins and mercenaries.


Slade Wilson is a member of the idle rich, a charming, extremely athletic man known for his daring feats of adventure. There is no game he's not hunted, no mountain he's not climbed, no race he's not run, nothing he's not tried at least once. He is a man of Presence and money and is not afraid to use either to get what he desires. Little is known about his personal life.

Deathstroke is one of the deadliest people alive. He is one of the most skilled assassin's on the planet, faster, stronger, more ruthless then most, but where he shines is in completing the jobs no one else dares take. Deathstroke never fails his contract once taken, he always gets his man. Deathstroke also has rules, they are nonnegotiable and those seeking to hire him should know this ahead of time lest they fall on his bad side.

Only those with extremely high military clearance, who've dealt with him in the past, or extraordinary resources/skills (Bat-peeps) will know these men are one in the same.


Years of work with the Teams led Slade to become leader of the unit, and under his guidance their rate of completed 'impossible' missions became astronomical. He became a legend in the field. Suffering nearly lethal wounds in combat, Slade was given over to the lab that ran the Team Unit recovery. He's vague on the details, but his post procedure rehab was handled by a gorgeous woman named Adeline. Dangerous, smart, driven, lethal, she was tailor made for Slade and the pair fell in love.

Returning to duty Slade quickly realized he wasn't the same man. Things were so much easier for him now, faster, stronger, quicker in thought and mind, he was beyond human. The missions became more difficult still, and as his members were injured they would return from rehab with superhuman abilities all their own, assuming they survived 'rehab'.

Adeline and Slade were secretly married and soon they had a son. Slade's enhanced mind began to pick out patterns to their missions that no computer could track, and he started to unravel the knot of the Team Unit. Over time he was given advanced armor to augment him further, and his fondness for a sword was rewarded with an almost unbreakable Promethean blade. Still Slade dug, unbeknownst to his superiors. Until one day he discovered records deep in the locked down files of an entity initialed 'I.O.', records detailing the secret treatments they were giving his young son.

Slade secreted his way into Team HQ and shot his commanding officer in the head, attempting to kill John Lynch. Then setting charges on key points of the intel servers and security measures, he left, blowing the charges and crippling the Unit without destroying the HQ as a whole. It was his version of quitting his job. Shortly there after Deathstroke appeared on the open market as a mercenary and assassin for hire. His reputation became more then legend, it became myth. He had more children, and for a time things were good.

Times change however, and after his eldest son, codenamed Ravager, was taken from him in the middle of a job and killed by an unknown assailant, his marriage fell apart. Adeline, unable to cope with Slade's failure to save their son, left him, taking their daughter and youngest son with her. Having lost an eye in the attempt to save Grant, Deathstroke changed his armor's color composition and threw himself into his work whole heartedly. Now he is Deathstroke the Terminator, if you want someone dead that no one can kill, seek him out, and if the price is right the job will get done.

Character Details

Slade Wilson is a driven man, like many from broken homes and hard childhoods, he cannot accept failure. To the core of his being everything he does is driven by the /need/ to be the best. That said, there are lines he will not cross. He has a personal honor code that is iron clad and that will not break. Ever.

Driven, honorable (in his own way), and obsessed with perfection Slade is a man of may demons, and the only failure he's never been able to salvage is that of being a father and husband. He loves his family more then he can admit, sadly he's incapable of showing it.


RP Logs & Journals

March 19, 2019: Santa Slade

Slade and Alex present a gift to Lena.

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January 27, 2019: Triple Check The Latte Girl

Lena has a meeting with Alex Peabody.

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January 16, 2019: Rookie

Slade 'visits' Lena for a follow up.

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January 04, 2019: Super Awesome Ninja Party

After the horrible events that went down during a botched thieving against Sionis, Lena runs into two very unexpected allies. Oh, and there are ninjas.

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January 03, 2019: Reassurances

Diana speaks with a contact of Deathstroke's about the man's safety and well being.

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