Portrayed by Ksenia Solo
Full Name Nancy Margaret O'Neal
Age 21
Height 5'6"
Build Athletic
Eyes Pale Grey
Hair Black
Skin Pale


Wunderkind cellist that left it all behind to start some halfway house for victims of the modern day slave trade, known as the Nest. She then dropped off the face of the planet entirely.


Nancy hasn't been around in a while. She was known as the next Yo-Yo Ma, but just when her star was rising, she dropped it all to become some glorified farm girl. The only time she's truly pleasant to be around is when she's playing her cello.


Nancy started off life happily enough. Her mother was the beneficiary of a pharmacutical company that had performed experiments on her in college. When Nancy's mother, Annabeth, got pregnant during the experiments, the pharmecutical company used this to their advantage to monitor the effects of the drug on the infant. Nancy was monitored weekly for any lasting effects of having been under the effects of the drug in vitro, subjected to physical, mental and social testing.

Unknown to her mother, or Nancy, the pharmecutical company was a front for Hydra, trying to use women as an incubator for super soldiers. While the experiment took over 50 years to perfect, it had finally worked. The run of the experiment was N-13 and Nancy was one of 20 children that were born with super powers that were all of the unobtrusive sort, luck manipulation, charm, power negation or augmentation. However, because all the powers were so subtle, Hydra assumed the experiment failed and cut off funding, leaving Nancy and her mother destitute. Nancy's mother turned to drink and her mental health started to deteriorate. Nancy turned to music, starting to learn the cello, as well as building an emotional wall of sarcasm and disdain.

Years later, a Nancy who was angry at life and bearing a sizable chip on her shoulder discovered her power and was discovered by members of the X-Men. unfortunately, this put her back on Hydra's radar as well as by the terrorist known asthe Partisan.

Partisan and the X-Men vied for Nancy's dedication. But it was when Nancy learned the truth of her powers and her origins that her alliegance was made. Hydra was capturing the N-13 teens and had imprisoned many. The X-Men were, for their own reasons, not willing to help free the Mutates. Partisan was more than willing to help. Nancy's decision was made.

Having freed her experimental brethren, Nancy broke off with the X-Men, arranging with Xavier an institute for people like herself and the N-13 Mutates that was more of a rehabilitation work program then an educational institute. Needing funding to do this, Nancy went to Tony Stark. Her presentation impressed him enough, well impressed Pepper Potts enough, that she was given a 5 million dollar grant for what lovingly became known as Nancy's Nest of Nutates, the term nutate a twist on the medical term of mutate and the N from N-13, the experiment that birthed them. The grant was for 5 years, to be reassessed at that time for further funding.

Nancy was put in charge of The Nest, but at 19 she was overcome with the responsability. It was during this time of trying desperately to cope with far too much responsibility for the lives and welfare of over 20 people, that Nancy met Starfire and her team and was asked to join. Nancy discovered she had a knack for diplomacy, which surprised her just as much as it surprised anyone else and was starting to enjoy her time, as well as the tech, with the Outsiders.

But as was said, the responsibility of the Nest was growing too stressful and Nancy, in an impulsive moment, caught a ride with a passing starship that she contacted through the HMSS Starfire. That was a year and a half ago. In the time that Nancy has been gone, she has had a few adventures but mostly just explored the worlds beyond hers, taking no responsibility for others and living day to day. But all good things must come to an end and Nancy has come back home.

Character Details

For those that don't know her well, Nancy is acerbic, sarcastic and more then a little bit rude.
For those that know her better, she is wry, flirtatious and smarmy.
For those that actually know the real Nancy, without her well maintained fences of bravado and attitude, she's kind, and loving and loyal to a fault.


This character has been out of circulation for about two years. Her original BG is available for anyone that wants to read the short novella that I tend to write, that finishes with her in her final year of college.

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