Dead Girl
Dead Girl
Portrayed by
Full Name Moonbeam
Age 19 (22)
Height 5'10"
Build Lithe
Eyes Red
Hair Gray-Black
Skin Corpse Blue
Factions [Forthcoming]



Dead Girl is a relative unknown in most circles. In mystic circles she's better known- afterall, she is among the most naturally talented and powerful Necromantic/kinetic individuals in existence. She doesn't seem particularly interested in most worldly things and her true desires and goals are unknown.


Dead Girl was born as Moonbeam (no last name) to a pair of truly hippie survivors in a California commune not far from Berkeley California. Her early life was good, for the most part, her parents love her and treat her well. She's raised in an open and loving community.

Her teen years are more wild- although not because of anything specific to her situation. She just really goes out and enjoys her life- moving out and to the East Coast when she's 18. Over the next year her star begins to rise and shine, getting work in music videos, and a few indie films, as well as a job on an off broadway play.

Jealousy though, is what kills Moonbeam. She's murdered in a hotel room by her then boyfriend- a fellow actor who just never got anything going. A fight, and then a stabbing followed by a less than permanent death. On her dying, her Mutant X-Gene is activated, creating a creature unique, albeit one without control of her body. She watches as she's dumped and the man who killed her gets away with murder. At first, at least.

It took a couple of months for Dead Girl to get the hang of her new existence. A few months in the grave. Sitting. Dead. Thinking. It almost drove her crazy- almost.

Dead Girl figured out how to use her abilities. She went after her former boyfriend and tore him to shreds- self-defense after the fact- and now she roams the world figuring out the condition of Death and learning more everyday.

As Dead Girl comes into play she is in a place where she has not decided, yet, what to do with herself. She exists, and little more, still seeking a purpose.

Character Details

Dead Girl is a surprisingly happy woman for someone who is dead. She seems to be enjoying her jaunt into immortality. Her attitude, generally, is happy-go-lucky and she is very much set on 'doing her thing'. She can be deathly serious when it comes to the Dead and sees herself as a champion of those individuals who've passed on.


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