Dala Vadim
Portrayed by Gabriella Hamori
Full Name Dala Vadim
Age 22 (79)
Height 5'8"
Build Elvira-esque
Eyes Reddish brown
Hair Extremely Black
Skin Gothically Pale


Dala Vadim is an affluent single woman who has repurposed the Rallstone manor - a huge old folly of a place that resembled an ancient castle - to serve as an event space and bed and breakfast. (She claims to be a distant family relation.) Other than that, pretty low-key.




Dala Vadim came to America in refugee movements after World War II. She was an "exotic dancer" in New Orleans in 1952 who was "working" to support a "heroin habit." She met a man who called himself Louis, and he was, apparently, looking for a girl like her. Maybe it was the junk, maybe it was something else.

Louis presented himself as a Monk of the Paths of Blood, and Dala was enthralled, serving as his adoring right hand for decades until the mid-70s, where both of them were captured and taken to a religious institution to be "helped." Perhaps "cured." From Dala's perspective it was agony and starvation from treacly types. Eventually, she was able, by inches, to exert herself - to press her mind into others - to forge an escape. She swore she would return to liberate Louis. Her precious, her darling, her mad monk.

She went to his haven in Louisiana first and found out that Louis DuBois was actually just an old plantation owner who had in fact never even left the New World and had presented himself falsely as someone who might have genuinely been a certain most famous vampire. Oh, she liberated him alright. Liberated him into a sack with kicking and swearing.

From there Dala scrambled and has, over the course of several years of relatively low-key predation, made a space for herself in the outer reaches of Gotham City. Her goal now is to formulate and gather enough blood and cosmic force together that she may become as Louis COULD have been - truly immortal, able to indulge herself without doubt or hesitation, immune to any challenge the cosmos might throw at her. A queen of the night without equal or peer!

Character Details

Dala is an addictive and selfish person who has been given tremendous power as one of the un-dead, and who has also been driven into furies of betrayal and self-hatred by finding out that her quasi-Dracula paramour was actually just some idiot who managed to talk a good game. (It's complicated - without him she'd have been dead from junk in a decade - but that's just why she doesn't kill him.)

Her long term ambition is to seize occult ritual power and make herself a 'final stage' vampire, immortal and bound to her home of choosing - in this case, Gotham City - and from there, to be self-indulgent without ANYONE being able to tell her otherwise. She has enough native wit and cunning that she may get within reach of pulling it off.


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