Portrayed by Julianne Hough
Full Name Tandy Bowen
Age 24
Height 5'5"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Skin Caucasian



Cloak and Dagger are not well known vigilantes. They have remained in the shadows, taking out drug dealers and evil-doers for many years, mostly keeping to themselves.


Poor little rich girl, those are the words Tandy has often used to describe herself many times. Her father left her and her mother to 'go contemplate his naval', seeking spiritual redemption in India. Tandy never saw him again. Melissa Bowen was given his estate, though she was quite wealthy already due to her modeling career. This career was much more important to her than her own daughter.

Eventually, Melissa married Phillip Carlisle, a man that teenage Tandy never allowed herself to consider a father figure. Tandy always felt alone, she turned to ballet, hoping that by excelling in that, she might gain the much desired attention and love of her mother. When this didn't happen, Tandy ran away from home, hopping a bus to New York. It was in New York that she first met Tyrone Johnson, a teenager Tandy's age who had run away from a bad situation. Tyrone had initially been sizing Tandy up to steal her purse, when another person beat him to it. Acting on reflexes, Tyrone stopped the thief and returned the purse to Tandy. The two got a burger and immediately clicked.

Sadly, Tyrone and Tandy made a bad decision, they accepted the help of some very bad people who were hired to kidnap runaways and force them into horrific experiments. Tandy and Tyrone, along with a number of teenagers, were captured and given a synthetic substitute for heroin. Everyone else died, however this drug caused a latent gene within Tandy and Tyrone to emerge, creating Cloak and Dagger.

Cloak and Dagger for the past eight years have been the savior of the lost, and judge, jury and executioner to villains who would do harm to others. (Pushers, pimps, slavers, manipulators, kidnappers, and so on.) While the two have kept to the shadows, they have gained the help of some individuals over the years, including to Father Delgado.

Dagger has even managed to try and mend things with her mother, though that failed, but the end result did allow her to mend things with her step-father, and the two have remained in contact because of it.

Cloak and Dagger are vigilantes, warriors who wish to save children and teenagers from ever having to suffer the same fate that Tandy and Tyrone faced.

Character Details

Dagger is an individual who feels greatly for the suffering of others. She is a very emotional, compassionate, and caring individual who will do everything in her power, and then some, to cease the suffering of others. Due to her extremely emotional personality, Tandy can go from compassion and desiring to help, to anger and hatred within a heartbeat.

Tandy wants to believe in the goodness of all mankind. She desperately wants to help redeem the lost, to safe the souls of those who have fallen. She will constantly seek to first go into a situation with the hope that they will surrender willingly, or forgo their evil ways. When her naive hope fades and that is not the case, anger and resentment, hatred and revenge are very quick to rise to her thoughts.

There are times when Tandy wishes she could have lead a normal life, that she could have gone to prom, kissed her date, lived a life that was denied to her. A normal life, at this point, is not something that she believes is ever within her reach, and she can become despondent, drained, and depressed.

Yet, even through her despondency, Tandy knows that she and Cloak are doing the right thing, their war on criminals has helped thousands of lives, and even redeemed the lives of many villains!

She is love, patience, compassion, and light, all of which make up the very fiber of her being, though even the lightest and most pure of souls can still dwell in darkness, when surrounded by it so often.


Image Name Relation Information
Cloak Partner Dagger's other half, in many different ways.

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