Portrayed by Jared Padelecki
Full Name Scott 'Slim' Summers
Age 31
Height 6'3"
Build Athletic
Eyes Red
Hair Dark Brown
Skin Caucasian
Factions X-Men


One of the very first X-Men, a tactical leader and champion for mutants and humankind.


Formerly the leader of the X-Men and then terrorist as per the United States government, he has since been pardoned but announced to the world as a mutant. While no longer leading the team itself he acts as a field commander and strategist. He is also a go-to mentor for junior X-Men.


Scott Summers is the oldest son of Major Christopher Summers of the USAF. He grew up in Anchorage Alaska a portion of his young life until on a return trip from vacation they were attacked by extraterrestrials known as the Shi'ar (Scott's memory until recently had him convinced they only crashed). The Summers boys were saved by their mother but they still came crashed and their parents are presumed dead.

For a year Scott was in a coma, during this time Alex was adopted out. Upon awakening Scott was placed in the State Home for Foundlings based out of Omaha, Nebraska ran by Mr. Milbury (a cover for Mister Sinister).

At sixteen Scott ran away from the orphanage around this time his powers surfaced and he created a disturbance that endangered a mob of people, this same mob he then saved but was forced to flee.

Unknown to him Charles Xavier and FBI Agent Fred Duncan were seeking him out and would ultimately rescue him from the Living Diamond, a criminal who was using Scott at this point to his own ends. It does not end well for Jack O' Diamonds.

Scott has experienced a lot and matured in his time with Charles Xavier, part of the First Class he has become an exemplar of what it means to be one of the X-Men and a mutant hero. While many of the X-Men sought education, adventure or a life outside of Xaviers their formative "college years" Scott did not, he remained a dedicated student, later teacher, soldier and mentor at Xaviers.

In recent years Scott ended up declared a terrorist by the US Government for facilitating and defending a mutant criminal. The charges on all fell of but in lieu of this scenario Scott Summers was outed to the world as a mutant-human. This lead a disappearance on his end from the X-Men and he has only recently returned.

Character Details

As a youth Scott was cold, aloof, reserved, often times considered nerdy and earned the nickname "Slim". Even with his friends and team he was on the side of shy. He only started to step out of his shell when placed in a leadership role. It was here that he really started to become the man he is today, a driven, tactical, dedicated and stoic individual with a vision and focus that doesn't allow for failure.
He wants to see Xavier's dream become a reality and pushes himself harder than those around him. This can often make him come off to many as an ass and overly serious. It is rare moments when those closest to Scott can actually get him to loosen up and shake free of Cyclops mode.


As of February 15th, 2017, this is a new Scott Summers / Cyclops.

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