John Constantine
Portrayed by Matt Ryan
Full Name John Constantine
Age 29
Height 6'0"
Build Lean
Eyes Blue
Hair Dirty blonde
Skin Caucasian
Factions N/A


Unless you travel in religious or occult circles, or you're a pretty young woman with poor judgement who likes to hang around seedy bars and go home with disheveled, sarcastic men, the name 'John Constantine' won't mean anything to you at all. If you fall into either camp, though, the reputation is much the same for both: John Constantine is a magnificent bastard.


John Constantine, marked REPROBATE — The Batman

"You simply cannot help yourself, can you?" — Giovanni Zatara

"You say 'demons' and there's a pretty short list of names I'm gonna run down as being involved. He held my hands. I knew he was crazy the minute he did that." - The Winter Soldier

"When the two of you meet, you don't need to hold back on him. I trust him with my life. Just….don't tell him I said that." - Zatanna Zatara

"John…Constantine? …Kinda sounds like the name someone'd use for some kinda super-gritty exorcist action movie hero, or something." - Spider-Man

"How bad could you possibly be?" — Dr. Jane Foster

"He'd rather risk your feelings than any other part of you. That's how…he deals with the pain. John has one thing that makes his life worth a damn, and he can't do it if he lets anyone in too close." - Chas Chandler

"I only know John Constantine because he enrages me." - Swamp Thing

"John Constantine: the man who perfected the bad idea." - Jason Blood

"A man of great courage, principle, and humanity." - The Archbishop of York

"The Aleister Crowley of his era, but more insidious." - Guardians of Youth

"Dangerous to know" and "a thoroughgoing bastard" - Ted 'Gold' Digger, Manson family

"Tainted—waste of good air! A cheap, flashy little crook." - his father

"A good mate of mine." - John Pearly Grey, Eastend autocrat of crime


Constantine's mother died giving birth to him, and he strangled his twin brother in the womb with his umbilical cord: an inauspicious start to a very checkered life. Descended from a line of magi going back to the 6th century, A.D., when he inevitably stumbled over his own latent magical gifts he threw himself headlong into their development in order to escape a painful and sometimes violent life at home with his father, who never stopped resenting him for the death of his mother. Not even one of his earliest magical feats - placing his childhood innocence and vulnerability into a box to hide it away - could make him suffer those indignities for long, though, and as a teen he ran away from home in Liverpool to the metropolitan immensity of London, where he would find kindred spirits and mentors alike. He even started a punk band, a natural fit for the rebellious musical movement.

Some of these kindred spirits were present with him when everything went sideways at Newcastle. A truly gifted magician, his aptitude came so easily to him that he, in his naivete and arrogance, hatched a dubious scheme to resolve the demonic possession of a young girl, Astra, by summoning a second demon and commanding it to dispatch the first. When all was said and done, some of his friends were killed, others permanently damaged; Astra herself was dragged to hell by the demon he summoned; and John was driven mad by the consequences of his hubris. He spent two years bouncing in and out of Ravenscar, a secure mental hospital, where he was handily abused by the staff, subjected to 'treatments' more akin to torture, and periodically experimented on via magic.

The litany of strange and terrible years after his eventual release back into the world would take a long time to recount individually, as peculiar events seem to manifest around his existence. John has the innate, instinctive ability to generate his own Synchronicity energy - almost a Synchronicity elemental, even if he's one with little control over the use of that power - and it's this quality that has landed him in a daisy-chain of increasingly improbable events, somehow managing to overcome increasingly impossible odds. This ability to tilt the Wheel of Fortune in his favor has not led to the easy, charmed life that one might expect, however. Few people close to him are able to survive the same circumstances, as most of them are not equally blessed by fate. Most of his friends have been indelibly wiped from existence. Even so much as stepping out onto the street can be an invitation for the strange and terrible to to befall him. Suffice it to say that since Newcastle, he's been thrust into one bizarre and dangerous situation after another, and managed to survive all of them…though not always with the same amount of grace.

Nevertheless, he is slowly regaining his momentum. Information recently fed to him through contacts led to his eventual encounter with the Swamp Thing in Louisiana, where he assisted the infant elemental in understanding its role in the grand scheme of things. He's only recently returned to New York City to prepare for coming battles, having heard of the existence of an Argentinian cult called the Brujeria, which is decidedly Up To No Good.

Character Details

Noble, selfish, vengeful, sarcastic, compassionate, treacherous, lonely, gifted, reckless, subtle, arrogant, haunted, clever, ruthless, stubborn, passionate.

In a nutshell: complicated.


Image Name Relation Information
S4cKFU3.jpg The Batman Cape The second time they met, Batman ambushed John in the khazi after an extremely bad couple of days and threatened to break his spine. John was only a little bit more antagonistic than usual, but he didn't seem to take the threat too personally, brushing it off like most threats in his life. He did, though — take it personally. That is likely to matter.
ltXKlLK.jpg Captain America Cape John reached out to Steve Rogers because he needed to be put in contact with Agent Carter. Their personalities could not be more different, but Rogers' selfless offer to help someone John cares about, even knowing little or nothing about John himself, may have earned Rogers more esteem than John is usually willing to give near-strangers.
3uRcl8r.jpg Chas Chandler Best Mate Being the best friend of John Constantine isn't easy, as Chas' strained marriage can attest. It's never dull, though, and Chas handles the peculiarities of it better than most. He's everything John isn't: openly affectionate, friendly, mostly stoic, and there are times he's the only person who can explain to other people the things that John himself would never say, making him an indispensable part of Constantine's life.
ovrjKlK.jpg Daredevil Zorro Some associate of Jessica Jones. He's mostly a mystery to John, but he offered to help with things John and the crew have been investigating and he seems to have good self-control, so there's not much there to object to. Wears a sock on his head for some reason?
unY3zNj.png Elinor Ravensdale Sensitive 'Sensitive' meaning 'able to see things that most other people can't see.' A friend of JessJones. She's what John thinks of as a 'good samaritan' in the world of the supernatural, dedicating her time to dealing with spirits who haven't moved on. She offered to help him with his investigation into the rising tide of darkness, and he's pointed her in a potentially helpful direction — only time will tell if that bears any fruit.
xnMInVm.jpg Giovanni Zatara Contact John and Giovanni go back a long way — back to John's teen years in London, when he was just beginning to discover the strength of his gifts, and starting to gain the notice of powerful people in the occult scene. Exciting days. Good days. The days before Newcastle. It's a history that deserves more from John than most people will ever get, but recent events have placed the two men at odds, with Zatanna trying to not to wind up in the middle. One way or another, things are eventually going to come to a head.
meng-jia-hikari-hataori.jpg Hikari Hataori ? It should be said that John is not very good with people. Not that he can't be — just that he doesn't often bother. He encountered Hikari entirely by accident. She tried to intervene when he was chasing something dangerous, and almost had her soul erased for the trouble. John promised to link her up with Zatanna once he found out that her 'superpower' is whipping her soul around outside of her body. He didn't ask Zatanna if he could do this, but then, see also: not very good with people.
cd4HoCD.jpg James Barnes Friend As unlikely as their friendship may seem at first glance, John and James have a surprising amount of things in common. They have a lot of unintended blood on their hands, they have a serious allergy to feelings and discussions thereof, and they know more than most people that sometimes what the world needs is a person willing to do What's Necessary At Any Cost. There are certainly other people in John's circle who like him more, who trust him more, who might be more loyal — but Barnes understands John better than nearly all of them, and for John that's almost the more valuable quality. — Unfortunately, these similarities run right up to the bit where John tells people that being in his orbit is dangerous. Knowing Barnes has landed John in difficult straits almost more often than the reverse now, and John is historically a selfish bastard who leaves people behind when they become more trouble than they're worth. Only time will tell if the pattern repeats.
EPv8fRG.jpg Dr. Jane Foster MENSA Lemming This brilliant theoretical physicist was offered a choice: forget all about John and everything to do with the world he inhabits and live a longer, happier life, or buy the ticket and ride the ride. She bought the ticket. He put her to work with Professor Ritchie Simpson, quantum magician, and her involvement has increased Ritchie's throughput of data exponentially (and probably won John a few points with his estranged friend). Recently, though, she's taken more steps into John's world than he's comfortable with, and what began bathed in the light of enthusiasm in discovery may yet end in the all-too-familiar shadows of regret. (Spoilers: it has. It TOTALLY has.)
KH7XnDk.jpg Jessica Jones Friend Jessica has been through more than one harrowing magical misadventure on Zatanna's behalf, and come through it all, still steadfast and genuine. Which is not to say that she does not trip and fall — she does, and John's seen it — but so does he. He gets that, and she seems to get him, and so she has graduated from the ranks of those he knows and even trusts to the ranks of those he'd seek out sheerly for the company, a short list indeed. She's not dead yet, but there must be a catch somewhere, right?
tKSbAOm.jpg Agent Peggy Carter Contact Captain America's bird. Used to be a spook. She had information he needed about the Steinschneider case. Businesslike, efficient, not afraid of giving him lip: all things John approves of. He is pretty sure that she doesn't approve of him in quite the same way, but…what else is new?
9rAhvll.jpg Peter Quill Alien John found him in a closet with Kitty Pryde. All John knows about him is that he's a house guest of Zatanna's, and that he's got something horrible in his pants.
h0sh3xk.jpg Red Robin Cape…? Red has — often at Zatanna's urging — on occasion consented to spend time around the rest of Team Getting Shit Done for reasons other than the immediacy of a mission, and while John can't say he knows him well, he's gained a personality beyond 'silent masked guy in a cape.' John is aware from context clues that Red and Zatanna know one another socially in some capacity, and well, but everybody around John has their secrets. He's not about to pry into Red's.
dMgXt70.jpg Spider-Man Cape John just cannot get behind the tights thing, but this particular cape kept him from being crushed by an enormous foot and later, seeing an illusion John projected of himself being set on fire, put himself at great risk to try to intervene. John probably owes him one.
MtKaqKC.png Thor Literally a God The stories were true: he has a hammer, and he brought it to Hydra to help save Bucky and Jane. John would love to give him hell about how he's a walking advertisement for a ren-faire, but he's built like a brick shithouse. Plus: hammer.
oBye2PE.jpg Zatanna Zatara Anima She knows things about him now that no one else on earth can say they know. She's seen the depths of the ugliness of his past and chose to stay with him anyway. He bound a gifted piece of her soul to his own in the very depths of Hell to save himself from premature damnation. Every time he thinks they've found the outer limits of what they have, events conspire to prove him wrong. The world they live in furnishes countless threats that could tear them apart, but so does the volatile intensity that drives them together; the odds are assuredly against them. Already a dangerous man when the mood strikes, her presence in his life only makes him the moreso: there is almost nothing he wouldn't do to defend it, and his bag of tricks is very nasty indeed.




*Lake of Fire -- Shawn James & The Shapeshifters (Thanks, Bucky!)
*Stayin' Alive -- The Beegees (Thanks Zatanna XD)
*Artificial Nocturne -- Metric (Thanks Jane!)
*Wrong Side of Heaven -- Five Finger Death Punch (Thanks Bats!)

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