Portrayed by
Full Name Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin
Age 30
Height 6'6"
Build Muscular
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Skin Caucasian
Factions X-Men


Colossus is a known X-Man having repeatedly been a part of their notorious heroic adventures.


Colossus is known as a relatively gentle giant for the most part. He is the quintessential protective older brother. He's a loyal member of the X-Men, and the one you most want to have around when any giants, gods, aliens, demons, etc. need to be punched in the face, hard.


Piotr Rasputin was born on a farming community in Lake Baikal, Siberia. He had an older brother Mikhail who would go on to be a cosmonaut, who "died" during glorious solo space mission. After the death of his brother, which hit him terribly hard, his little sister Illyana was born. Like any older brother, Piotr was ridiculously protective of Illyana, and one particular incident with a runaway tractor meant Piotr was forced to leave the collective. Thankfully a man named Charles Xavier recruited Piotr to his X-Men, where he learned to use his mutant powers to fight evil and occasionally break through a wall Kool-Aid man style. Not that Piotr ever understood the reference but Kurt and Bobby assured him it was hilarious.

Throughout his time on the team Piotr has been through a lot. He has faced inter dimensional beings of great power and mediocre humans of little intelligence. He has had his powers augmented, been trapped in steel form, been trapped in human form, been trapped in a halfway form that was ever changing, etc. He has made the decision to kill villains when it comes to protecting those he loves, and he has killed without meaning to. He has taken breaks from the team, breaks from relationship, breaks even from being Piotr Rasputin, but they never last. Piotr Rasputin is an X-Man, until the day he dies, and probably long after that if the rest of teammates are any indicator.

Character Details

Piotr is an older brother. His relationship with his brother shaped him in ways he couldn't imagine and it has become a defining point for him in ways he will never fully realize. He cares for those littler than him (e.g. most everyone) and wants to protect everyone he can. He cares deeply about his family (this includes nearly all X-related folks at this point in his mind) and especially his sister. He will do whatever is necessary to keep them safe, including terrible things. Piotr is otherwise a very gentle artistic soul who would love nothing more than to live peacefully and develop his art.


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