Portrayed by Lin Yun
Full Name Li Jhiao Ting
Age 22
Height 4'10"
Build Lithe
Eyes Amber
Hair Ebony
Skin Golden
Factions None


Li Jhiao Ting has no fame at all. She's far too low-key for all that.


Li Jhiao Ting is a quietly friendly young Bhuddist nun wandering the world, learning about life and humanity and trying to help as she goes. Cloud is just the name engraved on the medal of a collar worn by a somewhat supersized clouded leopard spotted at various interesting occurrences around the world.


A much larger than average clouded leopard was captured by poachers for a gift intended for the rather spoiled daughter of a very wealthy industrialist. Yet before she could be carted away, an elder Shaolin monk saved the leopard by trying to set her free. When he was injured, the leopard dragged him to safety, and together the two managed to escape. Along the way, the monk discovered the leopard one morning had seemingly become a young woman overnight.

The monk did his best to help and educate the young woman, and she eventually took orders and training amongst the Shaolin, and was given a name. She has no memories that explain what she has become, and believes that she was born a clouded leopard, with no idea how old - or young - she may be.

For reasons of enlightenment and personal growth, the young nun - who does not seem to have aged a day since her first transformation - has taken to wandering the Earth from community to community, learning and exploring as she goes, seeking wisdom and understanding.

Character Details

Jhiao Ting Li is a relatively soft-spoken and quiet, strong-willed and self-assured young woman. She lacks most of the insecurities and weaknesses that are often inculcated in young women of the modern era. She self-identifies - even now - more as her feline self than as a human being, despite having learned quite well how to portray a human and better understand 'two-foot persons.' She projects a bone-deep aura of calm, assurance and centered awareness. She also definitely is an aesthetic, with little real care for money, position and the like, though she has come to understand human grooming and that other humans tend to judge each other on first glance based on appearances - evne if she does not.


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