Portrayed by John Boyega
Full Name Tyrone Johnson
Age 24
Height 5'9"
Build Athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Skin Black
Factions [Forthcoming]



The vigilante duo of Cloak and Dagger are not very well known, having operated largely in secret and from the shadows. While they've been very successful in taking out some of the most evil and scummiest of criminals, they've kept to themselves while doing so. Some may have heard of them through rumor or myth, but few have actually interacted directly with them - and are able to tell the tale, anyways.


Tyrone Johnson was born and raised in South Boston, a bright student and athlete that did well in school despite both the poverty and crime of his neighborhood as well as his sometimes debilitating stammer. The stammer was Tyrone's bane, ultimately contributing to (in Tyrone's mind) the death of his friend, as Tyrone wasn't able to speak fast enough or clear enough to stop policemen who had mistaken the other boy for someone else. Mortified, guilt-ridden and also worried he, too, would be presumed a criminal, Tyrone started a life on the run.

His first stop was New York, where his situation had led him to ponder the unthinkable - actually robbing another teen. Fortunately for the both of them, someone else beat him to it. Ty's reflexes kicked in and he ended up coming to the other teen's rescue instead, recovering her person and chasing off her attacker. The girl was named Tandy Bowen, another runaway, and she and Tyrone became fast friends. After sharing a cup of coffee and conversation, the two were led astray by a criminal gang to abducted them and many other teens in order to test synthetic drugs on them. While all of the other abductees were killed by the experiments, both Ty and Tandy not only survived - they were ultimately transformed. Tyrone, into an avatar of darkess and Tandy into an angel of light. Swearing to use those abilities to exact vengeance upon their attackers and protect others from befalling the same fate, the duo of Cloak and Dagger were born!

It has been some years since that fateful night, and Cloak and Dagger have remained true to their mission, staying to the shadows of the underbelly of New York as they have waged their own private war against the corrupt and the sinister, the human traffickers, the drug lords and the pimps. They've had their ups and downs but have always remained true to each other throughout.

Character Details

The yin to Dagger's yang, Cloak is an intense, focused individual - reserved where she is emotional, judgmental where she is compassionate and jaded where she is optimistic. They share the same mission - to save others like they were from the evil and villainy of the underside of society - but whereas Tandy defaults to wanting to help the victims, Tyrone instead finds himself focusing on punishing the criminals. He often believes that many such individuals are beyond redemption and saving, and that the only way in which to protect the innocent is to, for lack of a better term, remove the wicked from the equation. It is often Tandy that reminds him that not all is always so dark in those matters, and such is the balance of their partnership that while he often keeps Tandy grounded she in turn lightens his own emotions and burdens and gives him cause to hope and see the good in the world and those around him.

Beneath their ongoing mission, however, Cloak battles deep seated guilt and the need for vengeance. Vengeance against the types of individuals that preyed upon both himself and Dagger, turning him into the monster that many (sometimes including himself) see him as. And guilt - guilt for being unable to stop the death of his friend, Billy, guilt at the hunger that gnaws at him which he feels he's not always strong enough to resist, guilt at what happens when he doesn't resist it.

The mission that he and Dagger share gives him a sense of purpose which allows him to reconcile that guilt and the misgivings against what he has been transformed into - and how others often view him. Even more than mission, however, is the fact that he's sharing it Dagger. While Tyrone often believes that it's the mission itself that gives him focus and direction, the truth of the matter is his connection to Tandy. Without her, he is incomplete - and not just because of their powers. Tyrone has found someone in Tandy who completes him in ways that he can't even fully comprehend, let alone explain or put to words. And while he often has difficulty understanding or even expressing that fact, it's something he's never questioned.


Image Name Relation Information
dagger2.jpg Dagger Partner Cloak's other half, in many different ways.

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