Claire Temple
The Nurse
Portrayed by Rosario Dawson
Full Name Claire Temple
Height 5'7"
Build Healthy Human
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Skin Light Brown
Factions Defenders


Medicine and increasing moral fiber in my friends' diet


Oh, you got hurt on your latest super hero run and can't go to the hospital? Odds are you know a guy who knows someone who heard about this nurse… Claire is the woman to see when you need medical care but don't want the authorities to bother you. She's good, she's tough, and she will ask questions. Strange how many people find themselves answering them.


She was raised in Spanish Harlem, had her share of scraps and rough times, but in a world full of angst and high drama, she seems to have come out of her youth with a close relationship with her mother and extended family, made it through school and grad school to get her nursing degrees, and has managed to hold down a full time job in the outrageously busy hospitals of New York in a Post SuperHero reality.

Of course, then there's the blind fellow that needed stitching up and the incredibly strong woman that seems to endup scattering injuries in her wake. She's run into a few of the Defenders several times now, enough to be aware of just how big her corner of New York has gotten and decided to walk on the side of the angels. Or at least the people doing their best to help her community.

Character Details

Being a nurse in NYC in the best of times requires a mix of toughness, a sense of humor (that can go dark), patience, and mercy. Claire exemplifies that. And yet somehow she's maintained a sense of wonder at the potential that these powered beings have. Her tenacity includes a stubborn hope and belief that decent people can do great things. And she has a hard time letting people settle for less than that in themselves.


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