Captain America
Captain America
Portrayed by Chris Evans
Full Name Steve Rogers
Age 27 (99)
Height 6'2"
Build Really Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Skin Caucasian
Factions SHIELD, Avengers


Captain America is known mostly as the famed war hero during World War II and considering by some as the first 'modern superhero'.


Captain America is known as the famed hero during WWII. While the common man is unsure if the current Cap is the same as the one back then, many see the hero as an icon of America, leader of the Avengers, and a benchmark for heroic character more than an individual.


Steve Rogers was the most unlikely recruit in the US armed forces. Small, thin, frail, and sickly, the young man had few things going for him. Raised in Brooklyn, Steve was raised a 'good kid' and came to know James Barnes, who he came to know as Bucky. The two were inseparable, with Bucky always coming to the aid of a kid who had the build of a pencil pusher but the heart of a warrior.

When Bucky was sent overseas to fight for Uncle Sam, Steve was determined to do the same. Failed rejection after failed rejection, Rogers finally had his chance when Doctor Erskine selected him for Project Rebirth, to test out a super-serum to turn almost anyone into the peak of humanity. Selected because of his character and willingness to 'fight for the underdog' instead of being a bully, Steve soon tested the serum and everyone was surprised by the results. However, shortly there after, Nazi spies killed the good doctor and with him, so too did the key secrets of the serum.

With only Steve as the first and last super-soldier, the US government finally decided to allow Steve to train and fight as a soldier. He was teamed up with the Strategic Science Reserve, SSR, as they were the ones responsible for his creation. The goal was simple: fight the Nazi threat along with the insidious HYDRA. The SSR provided him with equipment such as a new suit, a highly advanced shield, as well as a multitude of other devices as he became a symbol of hope: Captain America.

Fighting the war was long and difficult, but Rogers had people working alongside him that made all the difference. There was Peggy Carter, who helped him through the Project Rebirth, a woman who seemed to see the worth in him before he took the shield. He reunited with Bucky as well and he joined Nick Fury; they became the Howling Commandoes and worked with Cap to turn the tide of war around. He finally got to fight side by side with his friend, impress a woman of sterling character, and help save the world. Steve was never happier, despite the hardships.

In the end, the allied forces would win, but not without costs. Bucky was pronounced MIA when a mission went badly, though it appeared that he died right in front of Steve. Toward the end of the war, Cap himself would become a causality himself, having to plunge himself into the cold watery depths to stop a super weapon.

While many would have thought the final act of self-sacrifice was the end of Captain America, it was not. Over 50 years later, Captain America was found again, frozen in suspended animation due to the serum in his veins. Soon after, he was thawed out and discovered he was in a new world. However, he was more than ready to pick up the shield and continue on as Captain America, willing to fight for the same values he held dear so long ago.

Character Details

To many, Steve Rogers seems two-dimensional at first: wanting nothing more than to be the True American Hero. It seems like a superficial layer, a front of sorts. But to those that know him, they know Rogers feels a deep drive to do the right thing and help his fellow man. Selfishly, he always wanted to be the hero and now that he is, Cap feels the pressure to be his personal best and a role model for those around him. He believes in his causes with everything he has, which can get him in trouble when he disagrees with a peer or when the road he walks on becomes filled with hardship. But to him, that is what is being a hero is all about: doing the right thing, even when it's painful.

Beyond his hero complex and burdens of responsibility, Steve is still a man who roots for the underdog, feels deeply with regards to personal integrity, and cares deeply for those around him. He will encourage his teammates and strive to never leave them behind, almost always be loyal and trusting to his friends, and rarely think of lying… even his enemies. He knows there are plenty of good people that were once like him: weak in body, strong in heart, and unable to defend themselves. He wants them to have hope and wants to always be there for them. And if he has his say, he will do that until his dying breath.


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cd4HoCD.jpg James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes Bro(mance) Insert description of relationship here.
tKSbAOm.jpg Agent Peggy Carter The One That Got Away (?) Insert description of relationship here.

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