Portrayed by Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Full Name Owen Mercer
Age 26
Height 6'
Build Athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Reddish Brown
Skin Caucasian
Factions Suicide Squad

Claim to Fame

Son of Captain Boomerang!


Owen is known among various circles as having taken over as Captain Boomerang after his father died. He is not as experienced but his powers made him quite capable. He dropped off the board though and hasn't been active with the Rogues for some time. More recently he seems to have dropped the "Captain" and the criminal activity.


Owen Mercer grew up in a variety of foster homes, sometimes loving caring environments, sometimes less so. He had no idea who his parents were or anything about his background. He grew up in the streets mostly, getting into limited amounts of trouble, trying to prove himself whenever possible.

Around the time he was twenty, and working at a dead end construction job, he met his real father. Not only did he have a father, but he had a super villain father! It was like a dream come true for a tough kid. He and his father slowly bonded, of course his father really only knew how to bond over a few things: boomerangs, crime, and booze. Owen was introduced to the Rogues around this time, and found himself having a real "family" of sorts.

Things fell off the rails when his father accepted a job to assassinate a hero's father. Somehow Digger wanted to prove that he was more than a lower level villain. He wasn't. He died in the process, but still managed to kill his target. Unsure of how to handle the loss, Owen did what he assumed was the right thing and took up his father's mantle. He pulled many jobs with the Rogues and some independent contracts. At first it was a thrill to prove he could do it, but as time wore on he found himself disillusioned with the effects of his "career."

After landing in prison for a second time, at a real maximum security outfit, Owen heard about a way to redeem himself. He managed to volunteer for Task Force X. At first they weren't even sure they wanted a second rate version of a second rate villain, but Owen persisted. He trained with the squad and became a somewhat willing member. Having done enough to merit a pardon, he left for NYC, far away from his home in Gotham and hopefully far away from Robin and his old man's shadow.

Character Details

Owen didn't have an easy childhood, and his personality developed as a way to deal with his difficult situation. Deep down he wants desperately to be a good person, someone that people can look up to, can appreciate. However more often than not what comes out is a scathing sarcasm, meant to insulate him from any criticism or hurt. He flirts and jokes, often willingly pushing people away. He pushes back against authority, but respects it immensely when wielded properly. He has had to be independent his whole life, but wishes he had other people to truly rely on. Unfortunately even his "family" has proven themselves selfish and only interested in him if it helps their cause. He's not an easy person to get to know, but if given a chance he's fiercly loyal and protective of anyone he considers close.


Image Name Relation Information
Luke Cage Boss Owen works a normal job in a bar, like a normal person, but his boss just happens to be Luke Cage.
Poison Ivy Reluctant Hots Owen knows being attracted to someone because of the way they manipulate men to their deaths is bad in theory, and yet? Still super into it.
Emery Papsworth Drinking & Battle Partner Having been thrown together at first to fight a demon bear, bonded over throwing weapons, breakfast goods and booze.
Bart Allen Secret little/big half brother Unaware that they are related by sharing a mother (from the future!), they are currently just coworkers at Luke's.
Jessica Jones Confidant One of the first people to ever trust Owen and one of the only people Owen feels like he can open up to. He thinks he recognizes her as maybe a kindred screwed up spirit who is making it work.
Harley Quinn Shenanigan Queen When Owen needs a good time drinking, blowing up stuff or getting up to other capers, there is no one better than Clown Princess herself. And he may not admit it, but he's always wondering if she just needed a chance like he did.
Red Robin Ghost of Sins Past Technically they've never met in person, but Red Robin hangs like a shadow over Owen's attempt at a new life. An ugly reminder of where he came from and who he was.
Taskmaster Frenemy Yes they bicker and occasionally try to maim or kill one another, but that constitutes a solid friendship of sorts to Owen. Owen doesn't trust him per say, more like he thinks he understands him and counts him as another Rogue of sorts.


I thought I saw the devil
This morning
Looking in the mirror, drop of rum on my tongue
With the warning
To help me see myself clearer
I never meant to start a fire
I never meant to make you bleed
I'll be a better man today

I'll be good, I'll be good
And I'll love the world, like I should
Yeah, I'll be good, I'll be good
For all of the time
That I never could

My past has tasted bitter
For years now
So I wield an iron fist
Grace is just weakness
Or so I've been told
I've been cold, I've been merciless
But the blood on my hands scares me to death
Maybe I'm waking up today

RP Logs & Journals

January 14, 2018: Tears for the Machine

SHIELD deals with a disturbance in New York as mad drones search for their former master.

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January 13, 2018: Blackout Drunks

Owen and Emery try to get their drink on when someone knocks out the power to NYC. Thanks a lot Spiderman! The blackout means Emery's security is down, so his enemies come out of the woodwork to try and kidnap Kennis.

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January 10, 2018: Not Done Making This Mistake

It's the morning after for Owen and Harley (see … With Bells On). Let's see how awkward we can make things… VERY!

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January 10, 2018: A Hot Night at Luke's Bar

The Kingpin arranges to have a bomb planted in Luke's Bar. Patrons and employees scramble to survive and save lives as the whole place goes up in flames.

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January 09, 2018: ... With Bells On

Owen asks Harley to help him ask an illegal weapons dealer for a refund. It goes reasonably well until an opposing gang (The Shanghai Syndicate) starts murdering everyone to claim new territory.

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January 04, 2018: It's a Little Funny

Tony Stark asks Jessica Jones to look into the identity of the guy who broke into(?) his lab. Shortest. Investigation. Ever.

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January 01, 2018: Pie-a-rangs? No. Pie-zooka

Owen breaks into Stark Labs to make all sorts of weird $^*@. Tony catches him but can't help get sucked into helping design the best possible cream pie bazooka AKA pie-zooka.

(permalink: log:6739 | tags: boomerang iron_man | posted: 02 Jan 2018 04:28)

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