Portrayed by Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Full Name Owen Mercer
Age 26
Height 6'
Build Athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Reddish Brown
Skin Caucasian
Factions Suicide Squad


Son of Captain Boomerang!


Owen is known among various circles as having taken over as Captain Boomerang after his father died. He is not as experienced but his powers made him quite capable. He dropped off the board though and hasn't been active with the Rogues for some time. More recently he seems to have dropped the "Captain" and the criminal activity.


Owen Mercer grew up in a variety of foster homes, sometimes loving caring environments, sometimes less so. He had no idea who his parents were or anything about his background. He grew up in the streets mostly, getting into limited amounts of trouble, trying to prove himself whenever possible.

Around the time he was twenty, and working at a dead end construction job, he met his real father. Not only did he have a father, but he had a super villain father! It was like a dream come true for a tough kid. He and his father slowly bonded, of course his father really only knew how to bond over a few things: boomerangs, crime, and booze. Owen was introduced to the Rogues around this time, and found himself having a real "family" of sorts.

Things fell off the rails when his father accepted a job to assassinate a hero's father. Somehow Digger wanted to prove that he was more than a lower level villain. He wasn't. He died in the process, but still managed to kill his target. Unsure of how to handle the loss, Owen did what he assumed was the right thing and took up his father's mantle. He pulled many jobs with the Rogues and some independent contracts. At first it was a thrill to prove he could do it, but as time wore on he found himself disillusioned with the effects of his "career."

After landing in prison for a second time, at a real maximum security outfit, Owen heard about a way to redeem himself. He managed to volunteer for Task Force X. At first they weren't even sure they wanted a second rate version of a second rate villain, but Owen persisted. He trained with the squad and became a somewhat willing member. Having done enough to merit a pardon, he left for NYC, far away from his home in Gotham and hopefully far away from Robin and his old man's shadow.

Character Details

Owen didn't have an easy childhood, and his personality developed as a way to deal with his difficult situation. Deep down he wants desperately to be a good person, someone that people can look up to, can appreciate. However more often than not what comes out is a scathing sarcasm, meant to insulate him from any criticism or hurt. He flirts and jokes, often willingly pushing people away. He pushes back against authority, but respects it immensely when wielded properly. He has had to be independent his whole life, but wishes he had other people to truly rely on. Unfortunately even his "family" has proven themselves selfish and only interested in him if it helps their cause. He's not an easy person to get to know, but if given a chance he's fiercly loyal and protective of anyone he considers close.



I thought I saw the devil
This morning
Looking in the mirror, drop of rum on my tongue
With the warning
To help me see myself clearer
I never meant to start a fire
I never meant to make you bleed
I'll be a better man today

I'll be good, I'll be good
And I'll love the world, like I should
Yeah, I'll be good, I'll be good
For all of the time
That I never could

My past has tasted bitter
For years now
So I wield an iron fist
Grace is just weakness
Or so I've been told
I've been cold, I've been merciless
But the blood on my hands scares me to death
Maybe I'm waking up today

RP Logs & Journals

March 22, 2018: If It Feels Good

In the continuing saga of Harley and Owen's sustained bad choice, they compound it.

(permalink: log:7138 | tags: boomerang harley | posted: 22 Mar 2018 15:19)

March 11, 2018: IT'S SCIENCE

Owen, Dani, Bucky and Jane are doing SCIENCE. Magical science. Okay maybe Owen is just sleeping off some alcohol poisoning. :)

(permalink: log:7113 | tags: boomerang dr._jane_foster moonstar the_winter_soldier | posted: 19 Mar 2018 00:26)

March 05, 2018: HoM: The Kick

Dani and Owen's search for powerful telepaths, on Pietro's behalf, yields one Nate Summers. Together, he and Wanda are able to see the world for the illusion it is, and plans form to break it apart.

(permalink: log:7048 | tags: boomerang hom moonstar quicksilver scarlet_witch x-man | posted: 05 Mar 2018 23:53)

March 05, 2018: Crayon Plans

Harley shares her elaborate set of plans to retrieve her stolen babies Bud and Lou with Owen.

(permalink: log:7045 | tags: boomerang harley_quinn | posted: 05 Mar 2018 13:22)

March 03, 2018: Speedy-Weedy Stuff

Jessica Jones finds Owen Mercer watching her client's house. What he has to tell her might just throw a new monkey wrench into the search for Kendra Walker.

(permalink: log:7040 | tags: boomerang breaking_the_universe jessica_jones | posted: 03 Mar 2018 06:27)

March 02, 2018: HoM: All the King's Men

Dani and Owen find Nate Summers soon to be cadet for SHIELD and powerful telepath.

(permalink: log:7038 | tags: boomerang hom moonstar x-man | posted: 03 Mar 2018 03:57)

March 01, 2018: The New and Improved Gotham Tourism Department

The newly minted Gotham Tourism Department sets about re-writing Gotham billboards to more accurately represent the true appeal of Gotham City.

(permalink: log:7032 | tags: boomerang harley | posted: 01 Mar 2018 21:55)

February 28, 2018: Walk Like A (Kitty) Egyptian

Miss Moreau targets the Gotham Museum of Natural History for it's recent Egyptian Feline Exhibit. Alice, a Ghost, and Captain Boomerang arrive amidst the heist!

(permalink: log:7024 | tags: boomerang gentleman_ghost miss_moreau sensation | posted: 28 Feb 2018 15:07)

February 24, 2018: Welcome to Dirt

The aptly named Rogue's Roost plays host to colourful chaos

(permalink: log:7006 | tags: atli big_barda boomerang merrow power-man rocket valkyrie | posted: 24 Feb 2018 05:03)

February 23, 2018: HoM: It Was All A Dream?

Dani and Owen finally talk about what they each saw in that dream world presented by Wanda.

(permalink: log:7004 | tags: boomerang hom moonstar | posted: 24 Feb 2018 04:24)

February 23, 2018: Maggots, Crows, and Porcumodos

Captain Boomerang seeks to know who killed the arms dealer Shooky, and nearly shot him and Harley to bits. He asks the White Roses. The Boss interrupts and a pact is struck.

(permalink: log:7002 | tags: boomerang miss_moreau | posted: 24 Feb 2018 00:00)

February 20, 2018: Second Chances and Second Careers

Owen comes to see Harley Quinn with a delivery of sugar, booze, and more wonderful bad ideas.

(permalink: log:6969 | tags: boomerang harley | posted: 20 Feb 2018 21:17)

February 19, 2018: Weekend at Danny's 2

There are no voodoo reanimated corpses or sweet 80s fashion, no, it's just Owen, Emery and Danny chatting over breakfast foods at Danny's palatial Manhattan home.

(permalink: log:6965 | tags: boomerang iron_fist samael | posted: 19 Feb 2018 21:36)

February 19, 2018: HoM: Garden of Forking Paths

HoM. In punishment for removing Wanda from her room, Erik Magnus commands two members of Pietro's own Red Guard, Agents Moonstar and Mercer, to attempt psychic rehabilitation on Wanda behind Pietro's back. In the process the mad princess shows them something which none of them could have expected. AU-Magneto cameo by Pietro.

(permalink: log:6958 | tags: boomerang hom moonstar quicksilver scarlet_witch | posted: 19 Feb 2018 05:39)

February 17, 2018: No More Treadmills!

Impulse, Red Robin and a somewhat recovered Owen all show up at Stark towers to discuss Professor Zoom with Tony and Pepper.

(permalink: log:6953 | tags: boomerang breaking_the_universe impulse iron_man pepper_potts red_robin | posted: 18 Feb 2018 13:23)

February 14, 2018: The Project

Professor Zoom kidnaps Owen Mercer for his connection to the Speed Force… Alice helps him, in more ways than one.

(permalink: log:6933 | tags: boomerang breaking_the_universe professor_zoom sensation | posted: 15 Feb 2018 04:41)

February 13, 2018: Apology Alcohol

The former Heralds of the Demon Bear, as part of the apology tour, check in with Emery and Owen. There is alcohol and a significant amount of awkwardness.

(permalink: log:6966 | tags: boomerang dr._jane_foster moonstar samael the_winter_soldier | posted: 20 Feb 2018 01:11)

February 13, 2018: Balls The Size of Texas OR Telepathic Eye Borrower

Owen has a meeting with Matt Murdock to see if he can't help Luke get his bar rebuilt. In the process he silent whisper fights with Stephanie and makes wildly inaccurate guesses about Matt's abilities.

(permalink: log:6938 | tags: boomerang daredevil know_my_name spoiler | posted: 16 Feb 2018 04:15)

February 12, 2018: Space Invader

Harley invades Owen's space while he's busy getting obliterated. She tries to show concern, (and guess what?) Owen is a dick about it.

(permalink: log:6925 | tags: boomerang harley | posted: 13 Feb 2018 13:34)

February 09, 2018: HoM: Eye for an Eye

In the HoM reality Agent Moonstar and Agent Mercer are dispatched to deal with a possible human terrorist cell.

(permalink: log:6913 | tags: boomerang hom moonstar | posted: 11 Feb 2018 01:18)

February 08, 2018: Flash Juice?

Owen visits Tony at Stark Towers to talk about the poorly named Speed Force and ask for help in figuring out more about his powers.

(permalink: log:6905 | tags: boomerang iron_man | posted: 09 Feb 2018 14:21)

February 03, 2018: Another Burned Down Amusement Park?

Firefly shows up to spout some crazy and a whole lot of flaming explosions all over Gotham's Amusement Mile. Owen is offended at the thought of yet another burned out amusement park in Gotham.

(permalink: log:6886 | tags: boomerang firefly | posted: 04 Feb 2018 21:34)

January 27, 2018: Calibration

Owen finds a lab that can help him figure out what happened with his speed. Ironically the man who stole it himself 'helps' Owen with that.

(permalink: log:6876 | tags: boomerang professor_zoom | posted: 01 Feb 2018 05:38)

January 24, 2018: Off the Wagon

After his surprisingly wholesome night with Harley, Owen gets blitzed and then thrown out of a gentleman's club (strip club) and starts a good ol' brawl. Spoiler swings in to put a stop to it and Owen is a dick about it.

(permalink: log:6830 | tags: boomerang spoiler | posted: 25 Jan 2018 03:28)

January 24, 2018: Meet Zook

Owen introduces Harley to her true love, Zook, the pie-zooka. And then they go off for ice skating and hot cocoa like responsible adults.

(permalink: log:6829 | tags: boomerang harley | posted: 25 Jan 2018 01:01)

January 23, 2018: Red Lightning

Professor Zoom visits Stark Tower, collects a few things and menaces more than a few heroes. And Owen.

(permalink: log:6822 | tags: astrea boomerang breaking_the_universe glh hal_jordan iron_man professor_zoom superman | posted: 23 Jan 2018 21:30)

January 22, 2018: Boomerang v Boomerang: Hiring Madrox

Owen hears over law enforcement channels that someone else is using the name Boomerang, his intended hero codename. Resolving to put a stop to that, he hires X-Factor Investigations to help track the other Boomerang down.

(permalink: log:6821 | tags: boomerang multiple_man | posted: 23 Jan 2018 13:48)

January 18, 2018: House Crasher

Danny meets his random house crasher Owen and the two discuss Luke's bar and future plans.

(permalink: log:6807 | tags: boomerang iron_fist know_my_name | posted: 20 Jan 2018 18:31)

January 17, 2018: Crashing at Rand's

Danny's Grammercy mansion gets yet another house crasher when Owen arrives after round 2 at Stark Tower. Luke meets Kennis and Emery takes care of everything as usual. NSFW for Language & description of intense man/shower love

(permalink: log:6802 | tags: boomerang know_my_name power-man samael | posted: 19 Jan 2018 14:48)

January 15, 2018: Worst Parade Ever

The demon infested Stark bots march down the street to cause more trouble for SHIELD and assorted heroes and then because it's unexpected the Joker sends a present in the form of two buses and an ice cream truck full of goodies. No one throws even a single piece of candy.

(permalink: log:6800 | tags: agent-13 agent_carter batman boomerang captain_america iron_man jessica_jones merrow rodb rusalka_stojespal sensation spoiler | posted: 18 Jan 2018 18:53)

January 14, 2018: Tears for the Machine

SHIELD deals with a disturbance in New York as mad drones search for their former master.

(permalink: log:6795 | tags: agent-13 boomerang iron_guard jessica_jones kang rodb rusalka_stojespal | posted: 17 Jan 2018 05:55)

January 13, 2018: Blackout Drunks

Owen and Emery try to get their drink on when someone knocks out the power to NYC. Thanks a lot Spiderman! The blackout means Emery's security is down, so his enemies come out of the woodwork to try and kidnap Kennis.

(permalink: log:6786 | tags: boomerang rodb samael | posted: 15 Jan 2018 14:30)

January 10, 2018: Not Done Making This Mistake

It's the morning after for Owen and Harley (see … With Bells On). Let's see how awkward we can make things… VERY!

(permalink: log:6787 | tags: boomerang harley | posted: 15 Jan 2018 19:05)

January 10, 2018: A Hot Night at Luke's Bar

The Kingpin arranges to have a bomb planted in Luke's Bar. Patrons and employees scramble to survive and save lives as the whole place goes up in flames.

(permalink: log:6768 | tags: boomerang daredevil impulse kingpin know_my_name power-man six the_dark_devil | posted: 10 Jan 2018 07:27)

January 09, 2018: ... With Bells On

Owen asks Harley to help him ask an illegal weapons dealer for a refund. It goes reasonably well until an opposing gang (The Shanghai Syndicate) starts murdering everyone to claim new territory.

(permalink: log:6773 | tags: boomerang harley resurgence | posted: 12 Jan 2018 01:34)

January 04, 2018: It's a Little Funny

Tony Stark asks Jessica Jones to look into the identity of the guy who broke into(?) his lab. Shortest. Investigation. Ever.

(permalink: log:6753 | tags: boomerang jessica_jones | posted: 05 Jan 2018 04:25)

January 01, 2018: Pie-a-rangs? No. Pie-zooka

Owen breaks into Stark Labs to make all sorts of weird $^*@. Tony catches him but can't help get sucked into helping design the best possible cream pie bazooka AKA pie-zooka.

(permalink: log:6739 | tags: boomerang iron_man | posted: 02 Jan 2018 04:28)

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