Blue Marvel
Blue Marvel
Portrayed by
Full Name Adam Bernard Brashear
Age 55 (91)
Height 6'4"
Build Bodybuilder
Eyes Brown
Hair Black w/ Grey
Skin Dark Brown


One of the earliest black superheroes. He was publicly unmasked during a battle with Anti-man. He's known for being the first superhero to be publicly and personally asked by a setting United States President to step down into retirement.


A kind old retired superhero who still goes out into the frey every so often, but mostly keeps to his research. He's known to be kind, and helpful to a fault, with a dedication to those around him.


Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, by two dirt poor parents, it becomes clear from the time he's old enough to talk that Adam is a prodigy.

Scraping together what little money they could his parents send him to Cornell University, where he becomes a fullback, and graduates magna cum laude, with Ph.D.s. in electrical engineering and theoretical physics.

While serving in the US Marine Corps during the Korean war Adam gains two Silver Stars, a purple heart and a Medal of Honor he would only receive 40 years later.

Brashear becomes project lead on a scientific attempt to harness anti-matter through a "Negative Reactor" which bridged the gap between the Negative Zone and the positive matter universe. Due to an unexpected accident and explosion in the reactor, Brashear was subjected to mutagenic radiation causing him to became a stable "antimatter reactor" and develop a set of superhuman abilities.

Donning a mask and costume Adam has a long and successful career as Blue Marvel! The mask completely hides his identity as an African American allowing him to work in broad daylight committing acts of heroism for years.

Following a brutal fight to the near death Adam's mask is completely shattered revealing his face for all the world, and cameras to see.

After the event Adam is granted the Presidential Medal of Freedom, only to be asked at the same ceremony to retire from his life of crime fighting. The world unready for a black superman.

Following the event he went his own way raised a family, did personal research into the process that made him who he was. The research was beyond cutting edge but there were very few who would give him the actual funding for the project. As such progress slowed to a near halt.

He becomes a tenured professor of physics at the University of Maryland. There he works at the position for several decades before eventually retiring from the position to focus his attention on his research.

Now he's an aged man who's seen the world pass him by long enough. Finally he's ready to step back out onto the world stage, but what consequences await him?

Character Details

Kind. Determined. Bullheaded. These are all words that could describe Adams personality. He's got the never give up never surrender attitude of a hero with golden age sensibilities. His killing days are behind him, long behind him, and now that his identity has gone public he does everything he can to avoid the nasty business.


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