Portrayed by Fan Bingbing
Full Name Clarice Ferguson
Age 20
Height 5'5"
Build Athletic Elf
Eyes Green
Hair Magenta
Skin Lavendar
Factions X-Men


Blink is a member of the X-Men, known for creating teleportation portals.


Blink has a reputation for not being one to hold her tongue, telling people precisely what she thinks. That isn't to say that she's rude, most of the time, but simply is not into self-censorship if something needs to be said. That said, while she might be the first to call out her friends, she also will be defensive of them to a fault; she trusts her loved ones to the bitter end, and will do whatever it takes to defend or protect them.


Clarice Ferguson was born in the Bahamas to a pair of loving parents, but she has no memory of the island she was born on. That is because her earliest memories are of always being on the run, first to Miami, and then all around the American South-East. Clarice always assumed this was due to her unusual appearance, an evident mutant from the moment she was born; she knew her parents loved her and protected her, but they also constantly told her to be careful, to stay close. As Clarice got into her teenaged years, the itinerant lifestyle began to get to her, never able to stay anywhere long enough to make friends. Still loving her parents very much and thankful for their unceasing love, she snuck away one night, thanks to her recently growing ability to teleport.

It didn't take long for Clarice to regret that decision, as she was tracked down and taken by a group called the Clan Akkaba, a sizeable cult dedicated to the bloodline of En Sabbah Nur, an ancient and dangerous mutant also known as Apocalypse. Not as comfortable using her powers yet, Clarice was captured and held hostage, where the Akkaba attempted to brainwash her into becoming the new scion on Apocalypse. Luckily the actions of the Akkaba gained the attention of the superhero team the X-Men, who rescued Clarice. Clarice also learned that her parents had known that Akkaba were attempting to track her down, and that is why they had always been on the run. Remorseful about running away, Clarice also knew she couldn't keep living like that. Thus she suggested an alternative: she would go with the X-Men, where she would be safe but also not constantly on the run. Sad to see her move out of their lives, her parents agreed it was likely the safest and fairest decision for her.

Blink became a student at the Xavier Institute, practicing and learning more about how her powers work. Soon she even angling to become a proper X-Woman, taking on the codename Blink and fighting alongside her fellow mutant freedom fighters. She now has transitioned into a mentorship role for new students coming in, trying to protect the home she had always longed for and finally found.

Character Details

Above everything else Clarice Ferguson is intensely loyal to those she calls her friends, willing to put herself in danger if it means protecting her chosen family. She sometimes can come off as sarcastic or flippant, but that is largely because she thinks honesty and frankness are virtues; she won't second guess if she thinks there is something someone needs to hear. She also has grown to be a proud advocate for mutant rights, believing the X-Men saved her life and thus finding it something worth fighting for. She enjoys helping others through their problems, and loves being a hero. She has a bit of a flair for the dramatic (see her adventuring attire), but is also remarkably grounded, recognizing the stakes of the life she has chosen to live.


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