Portrayed by Lily Collins
Full Name Ruth Aldine
Age 19
Height 5'4
Build Slim
Eyes None
Hair Black
Skin Pale
Factions None Yet



Quiet, aloof, and a little bit weird.


When she was born, Ruth's obvious mutant status was made clear. She had no eyes. Her father, distressed by this, tried hard with her mother and attempted to stick around, but her deformity won out in the end. He left her mother alone to raise two children by herself.

With the resentment hanging in the air, when Ruth was in her walking stages, her brother, growing increasingly resentful and hateful of mutants decided that Ruth needed to die. Because of her, their once happy family was torn apart.

He tried to kill her with an axe, but her mother sacrificed herself to save the life of her daughter and died. Her brother was promptly arrested for the crime. Ruth went to live with her aunt, and near the age of 15, she attended the execution of her brother. But something went wrong..

At the age of 18, Ruth finally graduated high school, and moved to New York on scholarship to attend college. Thankfully, her being on her own now (as her aunt is too old to care for her), she's able to live how she wants. Off the grid practically, in hiding, and scared for her life.

Character Details

It's hard to get a little read on Ruth. Her emotional state is all over the place, but there are times when she is calm, other people could be calm as well. She's nice, could be a sweetheart, and wants nothing more but to be a productive member of society. Like holding a job, having a boyfriend, doing something that she loves. She can't, and it makes her a bit sad, down and withdrawn.


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