Black Panther
Black Panther
Portrayed by Chadwick Boseman
Full Name T'Challa
Age 27
Height 6'0"
Build Athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Skin Black
Factions [Forthcoming]


The Claws of the Panther God


T'Challa is known publically as the young head of state of Wakanda, a rich isolationist state in Africa. Of this state, he is king by divine right and now seeks to bring Wakanda into the international world as a global power. However, he is also the country's strongest warrior and its chief enforcer, the Black Panther. Who he is depends on who is asking. To some from his country, he is known as a pacifist, a person out of sorts with the times. To others, he is laconic, enigmatic, and unrelentingly brutal.


T'Challa hails from the wealthy and isolationist African monarchy of Wakanda, firstborn amongst two other siblings to the Wakandan king T'Chaka, descendant of Bashenga. His mother, N'Yami, died in childbirth, and he was largely raised by his stepmother, Ramonda, for the first few years of his life.

Though even his early life was marked with scandals such as the disappearance of his stepmother, T'Challa was nevertheless raised and groomed to be a future king, taught never to show fear or feel, to always reserve and exercise wisdom. The nation's strongest taught him in every fashion and form.

Wakanda was and is in many ways a fierce nation, only respecting the exemplary spirit. T'Challa was made to perfect himself in both body and mind, learning complicated concepts of science, politics and the arts at an age when most children were learning their first video game. He was sent on soujourns as a youth in the wilderness, with only skill and the luck of the Panther God to rely upon for his survival. This was to develop leather skin and quick judgment.

The times of Wakanda were changing as he grew, however. Slowly, King T'Chaka had seen his son grow and flourish to his limits, and as the global theatre evolved, so did T'Chaka's sensibilities. As part of T'Chaka's flirtation with bringing Wakanda out of isolation, he sent his son to study abroad, a privilege few other Wakandans possessed. T'Challa studied physics at Oxford, but the academic and comparable social success he experienced there had earned him enemies, chief amongst which was his own best friend.

There, T'Challa learned the ramifications of decisions made. His life was laid out neatly for him—eventually he would come of age, and take the mantle of king. He would battle for the right to be Wakanda's greatest warrior, the Black Panther. He would be strong and wise, and never surrender to excess. Or so he would have come to think.

Since then, T'Challa has taken up the mantle of warrior, and some time later, the mantle of warrior king. But he has had to watch his best friend turn against him and fall to hate. He has had to watch his own father killed in cold blood. He has watched men and women ply and bargain with Wakanda, attempting to gain its wealth and power for themselves. He has heard whispers at the very edges of his nation that he is a pacifist, orphan king with no teeth. He has seen the shadows that lay beyond, threatening even those under his rule who would decry the authority of kings.

No matter his personal feelings, he is driven to act.

Character Details

T'Challa is not by his own measure a diplomat. He is the newest king of an isolationist culture, and heir to a warrior's bloodline. Where others may know to talk, to soothe and to make light, these come second to him. The Panther only knows to stalk, to hunt and to inflict the darkest censure on his country's enemies.

Every year he has lived, he has lived to exemplify the Wakandan spirit, a country that has never bowed to anyone other than its king and its god. Despite his academic accomplishments and leaning, he is deeply connected to his country, to his people, and to his honor, with little interest in anything else.

He disapproves of wanton killing, but Wakandan justice is swift and with few mercies left at the table for evil. Since the murder of his father and the theft of valuable ores from Wakanda, he has struggled with his honor and his reason. He has realized the grave threats Western machinations and hubris pose to his country. These are excesses that a warrior king can no longer overlook.


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