Black Cat
Black Cat
Portrayed by
Full Name Felicia Hardy
Age 20
Height 5'9"
Build Lithe
Eyes Green
Hair Platinum Blonde
Skin Caucasian


The Black Cat is a costumed hero who, from time to time, has been known to take things that do not belong to her. Felicia Hardy is a socialite who built herself from humble beginnings to the circles of New York’s elite with some ‘wise investments.’


While the Black Cat is not known for backing down from a challenge when she feels she needs to save the day, she has left a bit of a sour taste in the mouths of those she has saved by asking for a reward afterwards … and occasionally taking said reward by deception if it is not offered willingly.


Felicia Hardy was born in New York City, growing up in the Forest Hills area of Queens. She was raised by her mother, her father largely absent. When Felicia learned her father was in fact Walter Hardy, an infamous and talented cat burglar, she found herself romanticizing him rather than reviling him as her mother did. She saw herself leading a life of adventure much as she imagined he did, devoting herself to training in gymnastics to make herself agile. As a young girl, she seemed destined to compete on a professional level as a gymnast but lacked the patience and interest. She could not accept the overbearing schedule or control of a coach, and instead trained as a hobby.

In her early teens, Walter came back into Felicia’s life. Although they kept their meetings secret from Felicia’s mother, they met often. Walter played up all the elements of Felicia’s imagined version of him, coming off as every bit the hero she thought he was. He also saw in her a talent for thievery and deception that surpassed even his own, and he took her on as an apprentice of sorts. His ultimate goal being to use her as a go-between, tipping her off to potential heists and then selling off the take and splitting the profits between them. Felicia eagerly accepted, working several jobs alongside and – later – on behalf of her father.

But it did not last. Before long, the law caught up with Walter and he landed in prison. As perhaps the only true gesture of fatherly love he ever made, the man opted not to implicate Felicia at all. Although much of their ill-gotten gains were gone, Felicia avoided any charges. It was around this time that, early in her university schooling, that she was saved from a violent encounter with a fellow student by another young man named Ryan. Grateful, she came to spend more time with him only for him to insist that their relationship become physical, despite Felicia’s resistance.

Feeling victimized, Felicia left college and devoted her time to taking her revenge. She trained, attending numerous classes in close combat and privately learning to use her other talents to aid her quest for vengeance. Just before she was ready to hunt down and kill Ryan for what he had done, the man was killed in a drunk driving accident. Left directionless, Felicia instead chose to use what she had learned to make a life of adventure for herself like she had envisioned as a child.

Felicia developed a costumed alter ego known as the Black Cat. For a while, she did what she did best – she stole. She gathered around herself a great deal of wealth and the finer things life has to offer. Then, she saw the other costumed people. The super heroes. Particularly a web-slinging super hero in red and blue. Wanting to be looked up to like (most) people looked up to them, she set about doing what they did. She hasn’t given up the stealing cold turkey, but now she dedicates more effort to being a hero – lapping up the praise wherever she can find it.

Character Details

On the surface of it, Felicia comes across as an amoral thrillseeker. She wants to be part of the glamorous super hero set, and so she leverages her abilities to do so. While she is not incapable of caring about people, she is not doing it out of any sense of justice or moral right. If she could be a superhero by showing up and smiling for the camera alone, she would probably just do that. As an extension of this, she feels that when she does use her abilities to help someone they owe her. That there is a social contract of sorts entered into between hero and rescuee. If they do not reward her or, in her eyes, do not reward her ENOUGH she is perfectly fine with taking what she considers to be ample payment for a job well done. Needless to say, this kind of flies in the face of fighting for truth and justice – maybe not so much the American Way.

Deep down, Felicia wants to be like her father. She never really knew him, and her mother told him that he died while she was young. However, enough digging has revealed that he was a prominent cat burglar and Felicia has since desired to follow in his footsteps. While being an outright criminal is not the sort of occupation that wins fans, she recognizes that using those thief-y skills to be a hero is the perfect way of emulating the romanticized image of her father she has in her head. Even now she looks to make him proud, despite the fact that he cannot see her nor give his approval.

Felicia is not without her scars. Her life has been full of unpleasant experiences that she has been compelled to push deep down. She wants to live a glamorous and adventurous life both in and out of costume, and awful experiences of violence and human misery just do not play into that. She refuses to deal with them, and as such they fester deep below the surface and manifest in an excessively violent desire to free herself from anyone who tries to exert influence over her.


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