Black Canary
Black Canary
Portrayed by Katheryn Winnick
Full Name Dinah Laurel Lance
Age 32
Height 5'4"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde (dyed)
Skin Caucasian


Oh, this makes a lot of sense… I'm going to take on twelve armed men… with nothing but my good looks and a quick wit? Well, it's hardly my fault you didn't come prepared.


As Dinah Lance - She is the owner/operator of Sherwood Florist in Gotham. Keeps to herself mostly. Love flowers and being helpful. Has a soft spot for romance.
As Black Canary - A beautiful woman with a fast bike, a mean right hook and a song that breaks more then just glass.


- Daughter to Dinah Drake and Larry Lance. Her mother was the vigilante crime-fighter known as Black Canary. Her father was a detective with the GCPD, who was from a long line of police officers and detectives.

- Dinah's mother didn't want her to follow in either parent's footsteps and tried to encourage Dinah to get into teaching instead.

- Once it was clear to Dinah's mother that Dinah was going to get into crime-fighting one way or the other, she was trained in combat by one of the best that her mother knew, an ex-heavyweight champion who was another costumed vigilante that the original Black Canary had fought alongside.

- Dinah was a very driven student, wanting to be the best that she could be. When she was good enough to finally best her mentor in a fight, her mother gave her the costume to be Black Canary.

- Dinah originally wore a wig over her short black hair but decided it was easier to just grow it long and dye it blonde instead.

- Dinah, upon becoming the Black Canary also inherited Sherwood Florist, which houses the Canary's Nest underneath it as well as the chopper made for her mother by the man that had trained her to fight.

- Dinah started fighting crime in her hometown of Gotham, where she encountered and aided members of the Bat family. She was soon invited to join Team 7 and fought along side with them for a while until she came to realize that their goals and hers were not compatible and she left the group.

- Dinah returned to Gotham, helping to form the Justice League of America.

- It was while in the JLA that Dinah met Oliver Queen, her on again/off again love interest.

Character Details

Dinah's personality seems to be divided into to very distinct sides. On one side, she can be kind, compassionate, well-mannered and forgiving. On the other side however, she can be rather blunt, quick to anger, and fiercely determined. Those that she likes often see the former side of her personality, while those that she doesn't like get to deal with the latter. No matter which side of her personality one encounters though, she has a confident air about her that demands respect.


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